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Monday, December 11, 2023

East Highway 40 is a death trap

To the Editor:

Having been a part of the Ocala National Forest since 1974, I have watched with dismay as the traffic on East Highway 40 has become more and more like a NASCAR race with no rules. Daily accidents, and too many sadly turned into fatalities.

Traffic is not monitored on a regular basis. Speed limit signs and stop lights are merely road decor, and no passing lanes have become the latest challenge to those who simply don’t follow the rules anyway.

For us locals, just going one mile to Winn-Dixie or the dump has become a scary task, much less going further into town for necessary shopping or appointments. The traffic is far too heavy and fast. We are weary that we may become the next fatality one day due to neglectful, illegal drivers.

I can’t count the amount of times head-on traffic has come at me in a double-yellow zone. Fast is not fast enough and speed limits don’t apply. And this goes on from Silver Springs to Daytona Beach daily.

When is enough enough? When are we going to have a daily police presence all over this roadway? When are tickets going to be issued daily to dangerous drivers? Boy, when they start and complete the widening of Highway 40, we all better increase our life insurance.

People need to be heard about this tragic highway that is literally killing us. People need to be concerned and angry and start voicing their opinions as well. Stand together, not fall separately anymore. Write and voice your concerns to the appropriate parties and let’s see if we can collectively make a difference and feel safe once more.

Leilah Ward
Silver Springs resident