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Blair Richard-Lawrence Lancaster

Blair Richard Lawrence Lancaster
Blair Richard-Lawrence Lancaster

Blair Richard-Lawrence Lancaster
July 30, 1979 — November 8, 2023

Blair Richard-Lawrence Lancaster died unexpectedly Wed. Nov 8th in a tragic motorcycle accident. He was a kind, warm, caring, friendly, and loyal young man who loved his family, animals, fishing, riding motorcycles, snowmobiles, working on old cars and trucks, swimming, camping (he was the BEST camp fire maker), music, grilling and cooking. He always wanted to build his own house boat and live off grid. Blair was the best camp fire maker -ever! He was known in the family for this special talent. Once he had to build a fire in torrential down pour and IT WORKED! This was when Blair would fist pump and tell ya, it was “mint”. When things were successful or something positive happened, Blair called that “mint”.

He is survived by his parents – Linwood and Julie Lancaster of Silver Springs, FL (originally from Milford, ME), 3 sisters – Mandy M. Lancaster Brown and her spouse Misti Brown (who Blair called his wifey) of Sandford, ME, Kristy M. Danielson of Bradley, ME, Shawna-Mae Lancaster Warren and her spouse Nicholas (his best bud) of Silver Springs FL (Milford, ME). His four children – Elijah R. Lancaster (Eli) of Ocala, Fl (Milford Maine), Bryce Lancaster (Dedham, ME), Madison Alberta Marie Lancaster (Maddie-Boo) and Grace Blair Lancaster (Goon) of Auburn ME, His three grandchildren – Landon, Alivia, and Koleson of Ocala, FL, 1 niece and 4 nephews – Lindy, Cory, Joshua, Flynn, and Bracecyn, 1 special Uncle who was like a big brother, Leonard (Lenny) Hanson of Silver Springs, FL ( Orono, ME), who Blair called his funcle, his special lady Tara Feguson (his queen), several special aunts, uncles, and cousins scattered through out New England, and his beloved dog “Dingo”.

He is predeceased by his Aunt Lindi G. LePage of Old Town, ME. She took him to the Bangor Fair every year for his birthday – he got his traits of loyalty and his love of teasing his nieces and nephews from her. His Aunt Gwen A. Herbest of Cardville, ME. She always made him colored shaped pancakes, they built ginger bread houses, and she gave him a special box of treasures when he had his tonsils removed. He got his creativity, imagination, heart of gold and believing in endless possibilities from her. His grandmother Alberta M. Page of Orono, ME. He got his love of camping and fishing from her as well as his kind, gentle, and loving spirit.

Blair leaves a lasting impact, he is sadly missed and mourned by many. Celebrations of his life in Silver Springs, FL and Clifton, ME will be planned at later dates, to be determined.