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Another Ocala resident sues State Farm over Hurricane Ian damage mitigation

Another Ocala couple has sued State Farm Insurance to recover costs that they allegedly incurred from mitigating damage caused during Hurricane Ian. 

The lawsuit was filed by Maitland-based Cohen Law Group on behalf of Michael and Wendy Fly in the fifth judicial circuit court of Marion County on November 8. 

According to the complaint, the Flys purchased property insurance from State Farm for their home located at 4573 SW 98th Street in Ocala.

4573 SW 98th Street in Ocala
4573 SW 98th Street in Ocala (Photo: Google)

The Frys claim the insurance coverage they purchased protected their property “against wind damage.” 

On or about September 10, 2022, the Flys say that their home was damaged by “a wind event.” The complaint does not cite Hurricane Ian by name. 

The couple claims that the event was covered in their policy, and that State Farm assigned a claim number to their loss. 

“Despite demand for payment, [State Farm] has failed or refused to fully indemnify [the Flys] from the amount of the loss,” reads the complaint. 

The couple is seeking damages of “less than $50,000, exclusive of interest, costs, and attorney’s fees.” 

The lawsuit is one of dozens that Ocala residents have filed against their insurance providers this year. 

In September, another resident sued State Farm for alleged damage to their home caused during a March 2022 storm.

Another couple that filed a lawsuit in September also alleges that their insurance company did not cover expenses they incurred from fixing their home after it was damaged by hail and wind.