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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Reader responds to letter about lack of ice rink in Ocala

To the Editor:

Here is a counter-response to a recent letter regarding the lack of an ice rink in Ocala:

No, you may not suggest we head north to skate. Just because you don’t agree with the presence of an ice rink here, it doesn’t mean you should deny the experience to everyone else.

Florida is home to 2 NHL teams – all of New England only has 1. Ocala is home to 3 Olympic medalists!

This is the 21st Century, and technology allows us to have a venue like an ice rink in the warm south. As I stated before, I am originally from SoCal, and had no idea about skating till I moved east at the age of 11. No knowledge of what the game of hockey was. I fell in love with it and played for 38 years.

It’s hard to believe anyone would be against this idea just because you don’t like it.

Richard Bolinder
Ocala resident