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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Bringing dogs into stores

To the Editor:

My son who is legally blind gets a lot of nasty comments from people because he brings his dog with him into stores. If you look at my son, you cannot tell he has vision problems thanks to the help of his wonderful dog who keeps him from bumping into people and things. He does have very low vision in one eye so he can see some to do shopping when he is with me or his family.

The person who let their dog poop in the store and tried to leave it should have had to pay a fine for the cleanup and disinfecting required after such an error. If fines are imposed, perhaps it will help to control the amount of animals going into stores that are truly not needed. The poor dog is not to be blamed, but his human should have properly walked the dog before bringing it into the store.

People, please try to be tolerant, for as the old saying goes: “If not for the grace of God there go I.”

Shirley Long
Belleview resident