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Bonfilia Vences

Bonfilia Vences
Bonfilia Vences

Bonfilia Vences
February 1, 1944 – January 28, 2024

Bonfilia Vences, 78, passed away to a place of peace and rest on January 28, 2024, with her daughters and older grandchildren at her side in Ocala, Florida.

Bonfilia was born on November 23, 1945 in Arcelia, Guerrero Mexico. Since her childhood, she was a hard worker, either selling baked pastries or fruits at the market. When she was not working, she was swimming at the river! Later in her teens her family moved to Mexico City, where she continued working hard and became an entrepreneur. She obtained her visa at a very young age and would travel to the United States quite often, leading her to a path as a successful business merchant. By the age of thirty she had built several houses and was a private investor to those in need.

She eventually met her husband, Antonio Vences, a diesel mechanic. They were married for forty-five years until her death. They were in love and married on May 18, 1978, and had their first daughter Alma Vences, in 1981, who survives the deceased. In 1983, the Lord blessed them with twins, daughter, Viridiana Vences and son, Isaac Vences who also survive the deceased. Bonfilia leaves behind a total of eight grandchildren, Niomi, Abimelec, Isaac Noe, Caleb, Stephanie, Isaias, Jacob, and Valerie.

Bonfilia loved design and décor. She was a high-end seamstress in Mexico before her family moved to the United States. She enjoyed nature and cooking healthy organic meals for her family. Her family was always her priority. She was always active, keeping her family busy with activities around the home.

She let it be known, her biggest blessings were her grandchildren. She loved them all and they love her. Her daughters and grandchildren were her pride and joy!

Throughout her life, Bonfilia was a hard and smart worker. She accomplished many things. She always said her most valued blessing in the United States was getting to know JESUS and the knowledge that He’s God! She always spoke about God to everyone and anywhere.

Her strong fearless character will be missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace Mami.