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Monday, April 15, 2024

Help the homeless animals in Marion County before building an ice rink

To the Editor:

I am so sick and tired of hearing the whining and bellyaching about building an ice rink in Ocala when there are hundreds of homeless, starving dogs and cats in Marion County that need help.

Our animal shelters are so overcrowded and cannot accept any more animals that they are now considering euthanasia to make room for incoming strays. Property has been donated and funds have been allocated to build a new and larger shelter to accommodate these homeless animals, and to offer veterinary care as well as spay & neuter services for pets.

These funds ARE NOT destined for an ice skating rink to satisfy the selfish, uncaring Northerners, and their like, who insist and believe their need for an ice skating rink is paramount to the needs of homeless dogs and cats. I moved here from NYC where we had great ice skating rinks in Central Park and Rockefeller Center. Do I miss them? Absolutely not.

Ocala and Marion County have so much more to offer in parks, hiking, recreation, and beauty. If this is so important for these ice skating snobs, I say fork over the money and we’ll build a rink….otherwise, move to Orlando where there is an ice skating rink, or get in your vehicle and hop on I-95 North and move back to where you came from.

Carol Shalaew
Ocala resident