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Monday, April 15, 2024

How can we create County income for projects like a new animal shelter?

To the Editor:

This is in response to Carol Shalaew’s letter regarding animal shelters.

Animal shelters are indeed very important, but they do not provide a positive cash flow; they need a steady flow of money to continue to operate and that will come from the County’s coffers.

The bottom line is that if we want more, we will need to find positive revenue to pay for it, preferably without adding to our taxes, or we will remain stagnant. Prices will continue to go up regardless of whom is in office. We need a source of outside income to create the things we want in order to make Ocala/Marion County the best place to live in Florida.

One way of creating outside income is to create an ice rink. Yes, the initial expense is a lot, but it will pay that back likely within 5 years as it is eligible for state and even federal funding.

The money this will create can be spent on animal shelters and will have the ability to maintain them. It can even lower our taxes or, better yet, maintain the current levels and provide services we currently do not have, such as affordable or free internet connections.

I understand there are some people who feel that an ice rink is not a good venue. Well, what do you think may do as well or better? Keep in mind that NOTHING will happen without increasing the money Marion County will have at its disposal. I would truly love to hear from you regarding what else can be done to create a positive cash flow that will benefit us…yes, us, the people in Ocala!

Thank you, Ocala-News.com, for providing this forum so that we can have this conversation.

Marianne Mylan
Ocala resident