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Monday, April 15, 2024

Road congestion needs to be addressed

To the Editor:

Yes, major growth over the last decade, causing road congestion, needs addressing. Turning right on red is a major help, but so would be the yellow blinking arrows for left turns. They are implemented at a few areas, but aren’t available at enough intersections. I’ve sat through many red lights with no oncoming traffic, where it would have been safe, but not legal, to turn left to my destination. An unnecessary waste of gas and time.

Another somewhat related topic is car inspections. Five times a week, every week, I see cars with tail/headlights not working. Seems dangerous, for when the other taillight goes, they’ll be invisible at night! I remember when vehicle inspections were mandatory here. Re-implementing it would create jobs and safer driving conditions.

Joy Rumans
Ocala resident