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Joann Rutkoski

Joann Rutkoski
Joann Rutkoski

Joann Rutkoski
July 28, 1941 – February 18, 2024

Joann Rutkoski, age 82 was the youngest and last surviving child of 10 born to Gertrude and Anthony Koroleski. Joann died after a long struggle fighting a rare auto immune disease that attacked her blood vessels throughout her entire body. She beat the odds and lived beyond the five expected years with this disease called GPA or Wegener’s. On Sunday, February 18, 2024, Joann gave up her fight and went to heaven.

Joann was a tough lady who was widowed at a young age and left to raise five teenagers alone in 1983. She had devoted her time to her children, and said, suddenly called to work outside the home after nearly 18 years. Joann rose to the occasion in a new state of Florida after being born in Michigan and living with all the snow in Buffalo. Joann soon landed with Barrett Liner and Company and worked with this insurance agency with many lovely people. She was well cared for there.

Joann always took care of her family without expectation. She made certain everyone was fed and that was no small task with our immediate family, being a group of round 30. It wasn’t until she was ill that we recognized how much work she actually did in her small kitchen for all of us.

Joann took pride in maintaining her country property and home, and did so alone until she became ill at age 75. She even rode her John Deere lawn tractor, mowing and weeding and trimming. Recently Joann explained she enjoyed gardening and doing projects. She was a DIY person long before it was a thing.

Joann, our mom loved finding beautiful old trinkets, pretty cups, fancy bowls for fruit and random useful things at resale shops. If you ever needed anything, she likely had one in her stash. One of our favorite memories is how our mom became the ‘Bag Lady’ at Christmas and gave everybody a whole bag of goodies and random things she thought of throughout the years. Joann enjoyed baking and offering grandchildren and endless options of various sweets she kept in the home. All in all, Joann gave of herself not expecting much in return.

Joann is survived by her five children: Ann (Steve) LaRue, John (Kathleen) Rutkoski, Paul (Rhonda) Rutkoski, Nancy Rutkoski, Edward (Lyza) Rutkoski. Combined with 12 grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Dear aunt, cousin and friend to numerous others.