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Filmmaker seeking volunteers, sponsors for Ocala production

An award-winning filmmaker who recently moved to Ocala and plans to open a full video production studio is seeking volunteers and sponsors to help him create a local short film to submit to the Sundance Film Festival.

Andrew Kiaroscuro made the announcement through social media last week. Known also as AK, Kiaroscuro is a writer, director, and producer who founded Kiaro Pictures, a production company that helps create films.

Kiaroscuro says he is looking for crew members to volunteer from April 26 to April 28 to produce the film, which is called Atomic.

Atomic movie poster for short film made by Andrew Kiaroscuro
“Atomic” is a short film being produced by Andrew Kiaroscuro. (Photo: Kiaro Pictures)

“It is a passion project and therefore unpaid, so this opportunity is for anyone whose always wanted to be on a film set or has nothing booked,” says Kiaroscuro. He says the experience on an independent film set is ideal for a teen interested in movies and acting.

According to Kiaroscuro, the short film will delve into the “fragmented world of modern dating” by weaving through the lives of two “emotionally scarred individuals who both work as dominatrixes.”

“In their search for meaning amidst the chaos of disconnected relationships, they find a glimmer of hope in each other,” reads a statement from Kiaroscuro.

Kiaroscuro recently announced that he has cast the two leads for the new film: Johanna Watts, who has starred in Star Trek, Cover Girl, and Bullet Train, and Daniel Di Amante, who previously starred in The Collective and Pink Flamingos Everywhere.

Stars of the upcoming short film, Atomic
Stars of Andrew Kiaroscuro’s upcoming short film, “Atomic”

In addition to crew members, the director is looking for sponsors who “might want to see their venue on the big screen.” He says the film is in need of locations with a “Pulp Picture vibe,” including factories, diners, hotels, and convenience stores.

With nearly two decades of professional experience, Kiaroscuro says he hopes to grow the film community in Ocala. He plans to open a new event rental space with a full video production studio in the coming months.

“I am an award-winning filmmaker with 18 years of professional experience who has big plans to grow our film community here and create a wonderful event space for this lovely community,” says Kiaroscuro.

His most recent film, 115 Grains, received critical acclaim for its tone and style. The film follows a police officer suffering from PTSD as a result of the calls that he has responded to over his career.

For more information on the filmmaker or his projects, or to volunteer for the upcoming short film, visit Kiaro Pictures online.