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Ocala BBQ spot cited for rats during failed health inspections

A popular barbecue spot in Ocala was forced to temporarily close after a live rat and dozens of rodent droppings were found at the facility during separate health inspections.

Big Lee’s Serious About BBQ was forced to temporarily close one of its take-out spots at 431 NE 1st Avenue in Ocala after failing health inspections on Tuesday, March 19 and Wednesday, March 20.

According to a report from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the facility in question is a non-seating establishment, which means that customers may walk up for purchase.

During the first inspection, at least 10 health code violations were found, including 2 considered high priority.

According to the report, the inspector observed a “live rodent on a glue trap” under a sink in the prep area. An employee removed that glue trap.

Additionally, at least “35 rodent droppings” were found in a bathroom, “nine rodent droppings around shelves with gloves,” and “eight rodent droppings” were found under a desk in the office area.

The business failed a follow-up inspection on Wednesday, March 20, after approximately “50 rodent droppings” were found on a floor behind a cooler.

After a third inspection, the location was permitted to reopen later on Wednesday, March 20.

The take-out spot near downtown Ocala is separate from other trucks and a recently opened brick-and-mortar restaurant operated by the company, which is owned by Rashad Jones.