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Monday, April 15, 2024

We need more stores in southeast Ocala

The following letters were shared by two readers of Ocala-News.com concerning store options in south/southeast Ocala: 

We need more stores in south Ocala, near I-75 and the Pilot Travel Center. We need a big mall, Burlington, TJ Maxx, and Ross. Ocala is growing, and we don’t have enough stores. Plus, they are too far away. We also need a Planet Fitness by us, a YMCA, a Sam’s Club, and an Aldi. We need all these stores. It’s frustrating going so far to these stores. We need stores closer to us.

Carmen Gonzalez

Why are there no new restaurants being built in Southeast Ocala? It’s so hard to go to the restaurants on SR 200 because of the crazy traffic. This side of town doesn’t seem to get any improvements.

Joe Hathaway