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These are letters to the editor that we didn’t publish.

Ocala-News.com receives dozens of letters to the editor every week. Unlike other publications, we do our best to publish as many as we can and share your voice.

We truly appreciate it when someone reaches out to share an opinion. That takes time and it takes a genuine interest in a topic in this community.

Unfortunately, because of scheduling, deadlines, and other constraints, we don’t always get around to publishing all of the letters that we receive. As such, we wanted to make sure we didn’t leave anyone feeling left out or ignored.

These are some letters that we didn’t get a chance to publish over the past month or so. All of the letters have been shared in their entirety, and we’ve organized them by topic:

Distances between vehicles at stoplights

Have you ever been rear-ended by a car a few feet away? My wife was rear-ended by a woman on a cell phone, and she totaled my car. She was a car length back from the car in front of her. The force of the accident drove my wife’s car into the car in front of her. I am amazed by the number of drivers that are 2 feet behind the vehicle in front of them. Moral of the story; stay back at least a car length and you will get to your destination on time. – Peter Grimm, The Villages

While I can agree that 3 car lengths between cars at a stop light is excessive I have more of a concern about the terrible drivers that get way too close behind my car. If I try to get some space by creeping forward, they pull forward as well, crowding me in and making it very unsafe for all involved. I was in a terrible accident a few years ago where a young lady never touched her brakes and hit me from behind so hard that my car hit the car in front of me. She was ticketed, but so was I for hitting the car ahead, even though it was what I had thought was a safe distance of half a car length. I am currently teaching my teen to drive, and she is to leave approximately a full car length ahead of her so that if she does get rear ended by a careless driver, she won’t potentially hurt someone in the car ahead or get further damage herself by having a multi car collision. To everyone else sharing the road right now, why are you in such a hurry? Why are you so concerned to get where you are going that you are putting your neighbors at risk? Leave a little earlier, enjoy the ride and lets ALL OF US get to where we are going safely and not worry so much about creeping up on each others bumpers at red lights. The light is red, we aren’t going anywhere. The worse that happens is you have to wait through another red light. It beats the alternative of a multi car collision. Now THAT would really slow you down. – Andrea Proeber, Ocala

I too, agree with the comment on excessive car lengths at stop lights. I am tired of hearing people are worried that they will be hit from behind, causing them to hit the car in front of them. That’s not it! These are inconsiderate people who don’t care about what they cause when they impede traffic. EXCEPT, when it happens to them. They get hoppin’ mad, blow their horn, and keep blowing until something gives. Nothing is more irritating in turn lanes when they act selfishly, causing only 2 or 3 cars to get through the light. Wake up, people! You are not the only people on this earth! Get off your phone and move! – Beverly Avery, Ocala

Ocala StarBanner moves to USPS delivery

The Ocala Star Banner has tried a number of things to increase circulation.. No more free obituaries. No more free engagement announcements. No more wedding announcements. No more Social Editor. Stopped covering local organization’s community activities. Made the newspaper type smaller. Made the actual paper size smaller. No more “letters to the editor”. Discontinued the comic strip Mallard because it was offensive to someone. Continue to raise the newspaper price to offset declining circulation. Stop morning home delivery. I wonder why this business model failed? – Arnold Davis, Ocala

I stopped home delivery for The OSB a while back. I was never able to connect with a local person regarding delivery issues. It was always an offshore call center. I was never given a local, Ocala name or number. All local numbers listed in the paper went to a call center. I have tried to keep up with things online but it in no way replaces a true newspaper. There is no OpEd page and no letters to the editor page. That page affords a forum for ideas, dissent, and dialogue. When the announcement was made, “no home delivery” I was surprised but not directly affected, or so I thought. I was still receiving The Wall Street Journal, my trusted national/international news source. Surprise again, I was informed by WSJ that it too will be coming via USPS a day or two late. Again, there is the option for digital but it is much more challenging to use a digital app rather than read the paper. I have canceled my WSJ subscription. I understand the OSB delivery and WSJ delivery are the same. Perhaps we have lost all same-day, home delivery of any newspaper here in Ocala.Art Greenleaf, Ocala

Now we get our newspaper in the mail late afternoon. Very few information of local news. Just seems it’s nothing but copy the USA Today. New renewal went from $78 to $115 for me effective May 1st. Losing another customer of 8 years. If they don’t want keep local news in the paper, just stop publishing all together! – Danny Davis, Ocala

Special treatment of police officers in the criminal justice system

It is somewhat unacceptable that a person of law and order are the first to set a bad example, as I passed just this morning in the light of the court house the light of the 40/441 & the worst of all that several people honked his horn and there is still stay. But since we have to put up with the law! Disgust of people! – Christal Centeno, Ocala

In July 2022, our friend was killed on his motorcycle by a driver who crossed the double yellow line. The police officer said he did not test the person as he did not appear drunk. He was never charged for DUI or even given a ticket. We read the report from the State Police & this guy had a horrible record. Police should have seen this when they checked his name.George Coryell, Ocala

I think it’s so wrong that the officer that killed an innocent person on a bike got nothing but a speeding ticket I believe he should be suspended and get some kind of fine and probation if it was a reg person they would be charged. It’s not right that just because your a cop you get no repercussions. – Connie Higley, Ocala

You’re 110% right for it had been any don’t matter if you’re outstanding citizen or not but it hit a bicyclist and cause death or injury we would be getting charged as a full maximum penalty but because he’s a sheriff and was doing double the speed limit he gets a speeding ticket and he took somebody’s life are you kidding me this happens all the time in Marion county Billy woods need to stop standing up for his outstanding officers or sheriffs that are no good citizens that just get hired on as anybody I’ve dealt with this criminal system for 15 years now and for the past 5 years Billy woods stands up for his sheriff supposedly that are just citizens in our eyes and not only that but criminalized citizens that just haven’t been caught yet.Shaun Robinson, Summerfield

I personally feel that the deputy here in Ocala that hit the bicyclist when he was doing more than double the speed limit was not responding to any kind of an emergency simply driving too fast hits a bicyclist and kills them, and nothing happened to him. Absolutely nothing that’s because he was a police officer I protest, I will give it my best to let it be known that what the prosecutors did here was unjustified he should have gotten a sentence for killing this person just like any other civilian would have gotten. – Laura Monk, Ocala

This is more than upsetting. What can we do to protest this. The perpetrator should be held responsible as any other citizen and be charged with manslaughter. How do we protest? How can we see justice served?! – Andrea Jordan, Ocala

I believe a peaceful protest outside the sheriff’s office and court house are long over due for this cop. That cop was wrong 96 in a 50. You know damn well that if it was anyone else outside of a sheriff cruiser that would have hit that man we would be behind bars for vehicular manslaughter or homicide. A protest needs to happen and should not stop until that officer has lost his job and is behind bars. Thank you sincerely concerned citizen.Albert Bartholomew, Fort McCoy

Dog in Need

I am writing this letter to make the public aware of a loving young male (neutered) dog at the Humane Society of Marion County that is in need of help. He first came to the shelter September 14, 2020. He was a frisky boy who got along with other dogs, but needed some manners. He is not good with cats. He is crate trained and knows how to walk on a leash, although he can be quite strong. With training, I am sure he would be wonderful. He knows the “sit” and “down” commands and loves to play fetch and tug, but needs some work on “drop it”. After he gets tuckered out from playing, he loves to nap on his bed with his favorite toy. He was returned to the shelter on August 14, 2023. That is when I met him. His name is Tracker and he is 4 years old and weighs 54 pounds. He used to love to run and play in the yard, but he has torn his left rear ACL from spinning in his kennel when other dogs walk by. I would like to fundraise for his surgery, but I need someone to adopt this boy. There is no way he can do the 12 weeks of rehabilitation of supported short walks and confinement for healing purposes here in the shelter. I am a volunteer at the shelter and have a wonderful dog that started out as my hospice foster dog 2 years ago. No one thought he would last that long. He is still going strong at 10 years old. A loving home environment can do wonders for animals! I would love to help Tracker, but my commitment to my dog ( who has never shared space with another dog) doesn’t permit me to do so. Please consider thus opportunity to help Tracker! I will do everything that I can to help raise the money for his surgery.Karen Morrison, Ocala

Citizen says others may sue FDOT if traffic lines lead to an accident

I previously wrote the article regarding the need for lines to be clearly visible on the 484 corridor, especially those east and west bound, preceding from Marion Oaks and within proximity of the new road construction off of I-75. Well, seems that if you do incur into an accident and probable cause is to be found related to the poor directional visibility of lines which, clearly identify the division of lanes, you can claim a lawsuit against FDOT per a local law firm. Quote “Yes, you can sue the Florida Department of Transportation, but it’s not that simple. Suing the FDOT is a complicated matter, requiring successful navigation of the confusing claims management system, amidst a massive backlog of FDOT complaints and FDOT injury claims.” Having this said, have you not seen the sudden “STOP” or Oops, “STOP” off the same corridor, where an abundance of food trucks invasion has occurred. That is a major sudden congestion area where no indication of slowing traffic can be identified other than … “oh-oh” STOP until the car in front completely slows down in order to take the sharp 90degree entry turn into the invaded space. Not a safe turning option. We need a turning lane (period). This is very obvious and imperative to prevent a fatal accident. Where is the safety officer of the FDOT inspecting or assessing risks??? Do they not have anyone who actually is concerned with the safety and well being of our citizens …??? Edwin Ortiz, Ocala

No to apartment complex in front of On Top of the World

The president of on top of the world wants to sell 22 acres right in front of on top of the world to a company that builds apartment complexes that are an all age complex which doesn’t fit right in front of a retirement community at all. but also,the traffic is already bad enough here trying to take a left turn onto hwy 200 off of 99the street here. and they want to build an apartment complex of 312 units??? that’s going to add about 600 cars innto an already crazy nutty insane aggravating traffic situation that is already here in from of otow. I don’t know how the city or county thinks that 600 more cars into an already impossible traffic cluster is in any way going to work. their’s plenty of land in ocala with less traffic and congestion on the outskirts that would make a lot more sense. if the city approves the rezoning for the apartment complex in an already impossible traffic area,then they just don’t care about the residents here at all. we don’t need 600 more cars crammed in front here to cause even more accidents then their already is! – Bob Palmer, Ocala

Zito Media has left me ‘extremely frustrated’

In early February 2024, I noticed I couldn’t access my email. Despite numerous attempts throughout the day, access remained blocked. I contacted Zito to determine the issue with my email account. A woman on the phone informed me that I would not be able to access my email because Zito had sold the Lightningspeed.net domain to them, and my account had been permanently deleted. As a result, over 500 files of documents were lost without any explanation or warning. I reached out to corporate and spoke with a man who insisted my email address did not exist. Having used this email for eight years, I found myself arguing for over an hour against his claims that Lightningspeed.net had never been their domain. Consequently, I have had to update my email address with all my creditors, hospitals, family members, doctors. I lost warranties, pictures of my grandchildren’s graduations, and their weddings. Everything was gone. Since this incident, I’ve had to send my computer for servicing because the modem indicates the Wi-Fi is off. This situation has left me extremely frustrated. – Luz Ezell, Ocala

We visited Wolfy’s Restaurant and loved it

After reading on online article about this place we decided to give it a try. The name is Wolfy’s Restaurant and we were not disappointed. The place was clean, I watch the makeover programs so looked for certain things. The service very good and waitress most polite and helpful. And the food was four star 💫 yummy. So, hopefully newbies to the area will try this place out. Parking was also ok. Only one thing, the interior could do with a makeover. The right crew could make it up nice. Thank you for letting me tell about this great town!Linda Lou Long, Ocala

Income for ice rink, animal shelter, other structures in Ocala

Whoever Carol is, you are the one who is selfish. Theres nothing wrong with some people wanting an ice rink. Not to say your opinion of where money should go is a bad idea. But if theres enough people who want an ice rink, ocala should consider one. Maybe if you dont know how to ice skate you then should learn how to and maybe you would have a different perspective. And most people who live in florida once lived up north and they resent you thinking you think your opinion is more important than everyone else’s. – Gary Soria, Ocala

Enforcing the State Law for rabies vaccine, enforcing County dog licensing and enforcing our kennel license law ! This would be an easy task as all these laws and ordinances are already in place! Also, enforcing the County License requirement would motivate dog owners to have their pets fixed and vaccinated. – Eva Blaurock, Ocala

Obviously, Ms. Mylan did not read my entire letter regarding the building of an Ice Rink, as opposed to a new and larger animal shelter in Marion County. A large parcel of land has already been donated by a caring individual and funds had already been allocated by the county, for the building of a much needed new shelter and not for an ice rink. The cost for the building of an ice rink will be exorbitant, as well as the costs to maintain it. As, I’d mentioned, I lived in NYC my entire life and we had many public recreational facilities including: ice rinks, tennis courts, ball fields, jogging tracks, basketball courts, volleyball courts, ad infinitum, and paid some of the highest taxes in the nation, including not only City and State, but Federal as well. It will take years for the building of an ice rink in Ocala to “break even,” unlike the building of an animal shelter which already has the land and funding. The animal shelter will generate income, not only through the actions and donations of caring individuals, but by the adoption fees, veterinary fees, and the fees charged for surrendering an animal. It seems to me that certain individuals are in favor of the suffering and euthanization of homeless, unwanted animals, so they can lace up their ice skates and have the majority of the residents of Marion County, who are NOT in favor of an ice rink, foot the bill. Not on my tax dollars! You want to ice skate? Tke a ride to Orlando or Tampa until our much-needed animal shelter has been built, and then maybe we’ll consider an ice rink among many other projects.Carol Shalaew, Ocala

Editor’s Note: Letters to the editor exhibiting libel or hate speech were not included in this list.