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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

‘Greedy developers’ don’t care about ‘way of life’ in On Top of The World

To the Editor:

I am very surprised at how you decided not to publish our story about the rezoning of OTOW! This issue is BIG NEWS as it effects every resident that uses SR 200 daily. As anyone can see, the amount of apartment buildings, homes and communities being built, not only will this effect daily travel, soon it will have to accommodate commuters too as they rush to and from work. Building more rental properties without improving the infrastructure is reckless! Police, fire, and other emergency departments will also be effected! Accidents will be more prevalent causing our insurance rates to sore! Delays for emergency vehicles will suffer and deaths will be caused by these delays! Not to mention security issues! Schools being over crowed and more school buses. Especially at OTOW! An adult retirement community will be mostly effected as our way of life will be forever changed! This is BIG NEWS and you choose not to publish it? I think that’s totally irresponsible for a news worthy story to be withheld from your readers!! Perhaps you’re more inclined to publish stories of doom and gloom, rather than preventative stories where people will be informed as to how all of this will effect EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT in this city! And to whom they can contact to maybe slow or even stop this insanity! Greedy developers don’t care about the mayhem they will cause after they’re buildings are complete and they have moved on to reproduce the havoc on another unsuspecting community!.

Michael Simpson