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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Southwest Ocala is inundated with new construction

To the Editor:

There was a comment made after they decided to okay another apartment complex adjacent to OTOW, how the complex was better than a Costco. I’m sure the OTOW residents would have opted for a Costco, and drive there in their golf carts.

The southwest corridor is getting inundated with new construction of mega apartment and mega house complexes.

We don’t have enough supermarkets, restaurants, infrastructure of east/west roads. State Road 200 has a 50 speed limit and you’re lucky to cruise at 35 mph. County Road 484 to I-75 is unbearable with traffic delays.

A lot of us left south Florida to get away from the population and crowded roads. We came to a quiet area full of horse and cattle farms only to see the farms cutup for housing.

With a less dense population our various police, MCSO, emergency services weren’t staffed for the current population, and they had problems staffing.

We need a moratorium on building. We didn’t fight the highway expansion for an east west highway passing through our county to get overrun with housing.

Between snowbirds and people using our roads due to issues on I-75, our roads are taxed.

Stuart Grossberg