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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

We need a new middle school in southeast Marion County.

To the Editor:

There are parts of southeast Marion County that desperately need a new middle school. Lake Weir Middle School has been overcrowded for years. It’s academic performance, student’s feeling of safety, staff’s true engagement (as a whole) is at best, poor to middling. It has simply become too large to handle effectively, no matter who administers it! Who suffers? The students suffer, from the ones just going through the motions to the ones applying themselves vigorously. None of them get an even break at this school. It is so toxic that many students will elect “Home Schooling” after a brief stint at this so called “educational facility.” There are just too many students, it has turned into a warehouse! While this area of Marion County may not be among the most affluent, these children should not suffer and be penalized for that fact!

Michael DeRhone
Silver Springs Shores