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Elderly woman left without water, power after son steals over $17K of social security payments

An Ocala man is facing numerous felony charges after he allegedly transferred more than $17,000 in social security payments from his elderly mother’s bank account to his CashApp account over a two-year span.

On March 5, 2024, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office received a report in reference to the exploitation of an elderly woman/victim who resides in a home located on SE 18th Avenue in Ocala. The arrest report stated that due to the nonpayment of bills, the victim had been living in her home without running water and electricity.

An MCSO deputy responded to a local business that had been assisting the victim by providing her with food. An employee at the business advised that on March 4, 2024, they had taken the victim to a local bank and learned that the victim’s bank account had a negative balance for several months, according to the report.

The deputy learned that the victim would receive a social security check, in the amount of around $1,200. In the report, the deputy noted that shortly after being deposited into the victim’s bank account, these funds would be sent via Cash App to an individual named “Christian.”

The victim told the deputy that she has a 51-year-old son named Christian Lee Tarrant.

Christian Lee Tarrant
Christian Lee Tarrant, 51, of Ocala

The victim told the deputy that she was aware that her bank account had a negative balance, though she did not believe that her son was responsible for taking the funds, according to the report.

The deputy conducted a search inside the victim’s residence and noted that she did not have any running water or electricity. Additionally, the home was in “disrepair,” and a “strong odor of fecal matter” was coming from the bathrooms since the victim needed to obtain water to properly flush the toilets.

In addition, the victim had no food in her home except for what was provided by a local business.

Later in the investigation, the deputy spoke with the victim’s son, Tarrant, over the phone. He confirmed that he lives in Marion County, and he admitted to using the victim’s debit card to “support his family.”

Tarrant told the deputy that he “controls the victim’s finances,” and he “sees her every not and again,” according to the report.

On March 7, 2024, an MCSO corporal was assigned as the lead investigator. After reviewing this case, the corporal obtained the victim’s bank account records for the last two months, as well as Tarrant’s Cash App account statements.

According to the report, the corporal discovered that in the span of two years, a total of $17,047 of the victim’s funds had been sent to Tarrant’s Cash App account. The corporal noted that Tarrant also conducted around 30 transactions using the victim’s debit card and bank account number without her knowledge, and it was determined that these transactions did not benefit the victim.

An arrest warrant was issued, and Tarrant was located and taken into custody on Monday, May 13, 2024. He was transported to Marion County Jail, where he is currently being held without bond.

Tarrant is being charged with one count of exploiting the elderly (over $10,000) and 30 counts of misusing personal information concerning an individual 60 years of age or older.

A court date has not been scheduled yet, according to jail records.