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Some for, some against recreational marijuana in latest batch of letters

More readers have contacted Ocala-News.com with their opinions about whether or not they will approve the use of marijuana in the state of Florida for recreational purposes.

Here are some of their letters:

“I have smoked it since I was 18 years old never had an addiction to it. I’m 75 years old now and still use it. It is much better than alcohol, which I was addicted to for several years until I got an ulcer from it. I’m originally from Michigan, where it’s legal now. I visit family in Michigan several times a year and there are no problems with it there. Why are alcohol and cigarettes legal? They are much worse than marijuana!”Margaret Warren, Lecanto

“Absolutely not, we have enough lunatics on the road. And it has been proven to mess up your brain, what’s that saying? Follow the science. And it will cause more crime than we already have. I don’t know why people think they need a drug to get through life. Drugs and alcohol solve nothing and eventually cause problems for the doer and family. P.S. Also, its a gateway drug” – Wanda McGroarty, Dundee

“I do not feel marijuana should be legalized. I see this as a pathway to legalizing more drugs which could result in an increase in crime/deaths. I’d be interested to hear what the police officers say, as they are the ones dealing with the people that abuse these privileges. In addition, I’m sure they have stopped people driving under the influence. DUI is bad enough, add another drug to the mixture and there will be an increase in accidents/deaths” – Katie Goodwin, Ocala

“There is already medical marijuana and hemp. We don’t need this, it leads to worse.” – David Fitch, Ocala

“I vote yes for recreational marijuana because they smoked it back in Jesus’s day, why not now? It’s a lot safer than alcohol and other drugs and, as far as driving, has the same rules as drinking and driving. Marijuana has helped a lot of people in pain, the people against it is the ones that don’t need it.” – Rosemary Osborn, Pembroke Park

“My journey started 12 yrs ago; an injury altered my life. I was on 3 very stong Opioids for 6 years; although I was very responsible they never really helped. Once I moved to Florida 3 years ago Opioids were not given here. The pain in my back was extreme (surgeries, injections, therapies were not working). I got a medical card. I do not smoke it as the smell is too much, so I take one 20mg tab a day; sometimes another at bed so I can sleep through the night. I have also done extensive research in my Criminal Justice degree. Marijuana has no proof of people causing accidents, killing people, robbing banks, etc. Its a calming natural drug. Michigan legalized it 6 years ago and there are more pressing drugs out there. Weed is not a priority. Marijuana is not a gateway to other drugs, but rather, Opioids are! Alcohol kills more people than marijuana yet alcohol is sold EVERYWHERE! Paying $500 every 6 months is ridiculous. Now, I will agree it somehow should be regulated through specific responsible companies to buy from. This 1 pill helped me get back into my art. It’s taxable so tax it the pharmaceutical companies have made billions from opioids that have proven catastrophic to society maybe they should just take a backseat. As far as the Governor hmmmm he needs to suffer (only for a day) the pain so many of us go through because of an injury to see the effects it gives a person. Now it doesn’t take all the pain away (it’s there, trust me) but it calms you enough to breath through it. There is no surgery or treatment that can help my injury ( been through way too many). Legalize it, but buy it from reputable companies.” – Dionne Benton, New Port Richey