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Friday, June 14, 2024

Ocala is becoming an overcrowded mess

To the Editor:

I have read all of the letters about our once beautiful Ocala. Due to the greed and selfishness of our county commissioners and home builders, they have turned this once beautiful place into an overcrowded mess of a community. There was no thought going into what damage this would do to Ocala and it’s beauty. The overcrowded roads, the accidents which are endless, and deaths as a result of their insensitive stupidity have destroyed it. The cost of everything is out of control, especially the auto insurance and homeowners insurance, which has skyrocketed. As these fools rake in millions for themselves, they have ruined the beauty and nature of this once beautiful place to live. Greed is the downfall of all things that were once so special, shame on all of them!

Kathy Kelley