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PHOTOS: A look back at Michael Seegobin’s journey through MasterChef Junior

Michael Seegobin captivated Marion County over the past several months as he competed for the title of MasterChef Junior. Although the young chef came up just short of the top prize, Seegobin’s journey through the competition was nothing short of spectacular.

Seegobin, whose father works for Marion County Fire Rescue, finished runner up during season nine of MasterChef Junior, which aired weekly on FOX for the past three months.

Throughout the series, Seegobin showed off an array of culinary skills and was a constant presence in the winners’ circle. His victories regularly earned him immunity and, at times, prizes: During one week, Seegobin won an all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico for his family.

Take a look back at Seegobin’s journey through a series of photos (Greg Gayne. © 2024 FOX Media LLC):

Throughout the series, chef Gordon Ramsay and his fellow judges frequently shared praise for Seegobin’s creations, describing them as “delicious,” “elegant,” and “beautiful.”

“When I came into this MasterChef kitchen, I wanted to really step up my game,” said Seegobin during the first episode of the finale, which aired on May 13. “I wanted to start making better food, better presentations. I really wanted to elevate my cooking.”

Seegobin’s father, Deen, and his mother and sister were all in attendance for the finale. A proud father, Deen praised his son’s effort to incorporate flavors from both Florida and Trinidad into his dishes.

“He is willing to explore any type of food,” said Deen. “I am very proud of him and I just want him to do his best wherever he takes it.”

In the week following the show’s finale, Seegobin has posted several memories from the show across social media.

Michael Seegobin (front) stands with chef Gordon Ramsay during the season 9 finale of MasterChef Junior.
Michael Seegobin (front) stands with chef Gordon Ramsay during the season 9 finale of MasterChef Junior. (Photo: Michael Seegobin Instagram)

Seegobin, who is a student at New Smyrna Beach Middle School, said it was a “blessing” to be apart of season 9.

To keep up with Michael Seegobin as he continues his culinary journey, follow the young chef on Instagram or on his YouTube channel.