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Readers see Jesus Christ’s face in cloud formation over Ocala area

After an Ocala-News.com reader submitted a photo of the night sky over Silver Springs Shores recently, other readers wrote in to share their thoughts about a holy figure they saw in the clouds.

On April 29, we published a photo of a beautiful night full of stars as seen from Silver Spring Shores by Eduardo A. Rosario.

Beautiful night full of stars over Silver Springs Shores
Beautiful night full of stars over Silver Springs Shores. (Photo: Eduardo A. Rosario)

Shortly after publishing the photo across our social media channels, several readers commented or contacted us to share their thoughts on the photo.

In particular, one Native American shaman was adamant that the photo captured the face of Jesus Christ.

“Please take a moment to look at this morning’s photo of the stars in the sky over Silver Springs Shores very carefully while zooming in on the cloud in the picture,” reads an email shared by Amadahy GrizzlyPaws. “That cloud is a picture of Jesus Christ looking down and watching over the Silver Springs Shores in Ocala.”

Additional readers said they could also see a “face” in the sky.

“I see faces,” said one commenter on a social post of the photo. “Me too,” replied another.

Can you a see face in the cloud formation? Share your thoughts in a comment or a letter to the editor.