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Friday, June 14, 2024

Quit judging us by our age

To the Editor:

Both presidential candidates are getting up in age for sure.

I’m closing in on 79. There is no question that I wish I were younger. As we age, some things are annoying like temperatures in the 90’s or constantly being forced to face technological changes. And most of us must watch our pennies.

But we do it. We have to. And I intend to keep reading and exercising and keeping a decent diet.

I believe once 70 comes into your life, the number of years left depends on many factors. At my age, I’m pretty darn healthy and there’s no reason I won’t live many more years.

To judge a person by age is ignorant. Don’t be stupid. Base your opinion of an older person on all of the factors that make up good physical and mental health.

You are being manipulated by the media. Stop it!

Mary Jackson