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Friday, June 14, 2024

Developers seem to control Ocala’s government

To the Editor:

Residents are getting fed up with all the unthought out development. Residents are asking for a moratorium on housing, etc.

The City of Ocala’s growth is not well planned, and developers seem to control the city government. The impact of all this growth on all infrastructure does not seem to be properly accessed with real meaningful impact fees on these developments, leaving the aftermath and costs to be paid by taxpayers.

The apartment development next to the VA Hospital is huge with lots of apartments. The only road improvement made was a small turn line, a bit longer than the existing lane. After the development was done, the retention pond directly below these apartment buildings has never drained the same as before. Surely, it’s not draining properly and it appears that runoff soil from grading the property was not contained.

The apartment complex behind Heath Brook Market Place has visible needs for road improvement infrastructure, yet is open for leasing. No one is really against responsible growth, just hold developers accountable and don’t put the burden of correcting the screwups and burden to infrastructure on taxpayers.

Charles Estalella