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Friday, June 14, 2024

Another bear spotted running around in south Ocala

A local resident shared video of a black bear running around south Ocala on Monday morning as sightings continue amidst migration season.

Viviana Henao spotted the bear near the Walgreens at 260 Marion Oaks Boulevard in southwest Ocala.

Henao shared the video of the black bear with Ocala-News.com on Monday, June 10:

Last week, local and state officials reported attempts to trap and relocate another bear roaming around south Ocala. That bear was relocated successfully.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the increase in bear sightings across the county is due to the migration of yearling bears who are venturing out of their mothers’ home ranges.

Local residents continue to share photos and videos of bears that have been spotted all around Ocala and Marion County.

Last week, a motorist driving through the Ocala National Forest shared a photo of a family of bears.

Black bear family sighting in the Ocala National Forest
Black bear family sighting in the Ocala National Forest (Photo: Jerry Jacobs)

“As these juvenile bears travel widely in their search for new habitat, they can sometimes find themselves in places where people don’t expect to see them (and they didn’t intend to be), such as a city park, densely populated neighborhood, or even the beach,” reads a statement from FWC.

Have you seen a bear running around your neighborhood? Contact the Northeast Region Office of the Florida Wildlife Commission at 352-732-1225.

UPDATE: This story originally stated that the bear was sighted in “southeast” Ocala.