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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Marion developers are running out the wildlife and trees

To the Editor:

I agree that Ocala/Marion County Commissioners and boards approve too many new homes, townhomes, and apartment complexes. I think their personal pockets are being lined with money.

Houses look like duplicate models of less quality homes, so close together you hear your neighbors’ conversations, with no backyard, very little front yard, and nowhere for kids to play. So they play in street, ride their bikes in other neighborhoods, and sometimes get into trouble.

The developers line their pockets and put as many houses on land totally cleared of trees and wildlife. All small look alike houses, with no front porches, no back porches or patios, and barely big enough driveways to accommodate two cars.

All I see is rooftops of houses out in the “hot Florida sun” with no previous big oak trees, no place for any wildlife, no room to plant new trees that won’t interfere with neighbors yards or septic tanks.

I am sure when land was cleared, that there was wildlife “that was protected” that were killed. I know of one citizen that reported an eagle’s nest where the developer was clearing all the trees to build numerous townhomes. Once these townhomes are all occupied, the entrance goes to a two-lane road that leads to a two lane road with only a stop sign going into NW & NE 36TH Avenue. This traffic will backup tremendously! And traffic will illegally go through the parking lot of a nearby hair salon. And wrecks will probably happen.

Whomever approves construction should go sit in traffic at on southbound 475A, at its intersection with 80th Avenue. There is no turn lane on 80th Ave to go north on 475A. I sat through five lights to turn right toward Ocala because there is no turn lane.

Marilyn Bradley