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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Ocala felon allegedly caught with loaded revolver during traffic stop

A 34-year-old man on felony probation was arrested by Ocala police after a loaded revolver was allegedly found in his possession during a traffic stop.

On Monday, May 27, at around 10:50 p.m., an Ocala Police Department officer observed a Chevrolet SUV that turned directly in the path of an oncoming vehicle near the intersection of NW 4th Street and NW Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. The second vehicle abruptly braked and avoided a collision, according to the arrest report.A

A traffic stop was conducted on the SUV, and the vehicle’s driver and sole occupant, later identified as Javarr Avionne Newmones, briefly started to exit the vehicle. The officer noted in the report that Newmones appeared to be “fidgety” and “nervous” as he placed his legs outside of the vehicle.

Javarr Avionne Newmones, 34, of Ocala
Javarr Avionne Newmones, 34, of Ocala

Newmones remained inside the SUV, and he began “moving around the driver’s seat” while “reaching for objects in the center console.” According to the report, Newmones told the officer that he had been recently placed on probation for fleeing to elude a law enforcement officer, and he further admitted that his driver’s license was suspended.

The report stated that a records search revealed that Newmones’ driver’s license was suspended in April of 2024, and he is also on felony probation until April of 2027.

Newmones was detained in handcuffs. He informed the officer that a firearm was in his waistband, and a loaded Rohm RG .22 caliber revolver was removed from his “groin area,” according to the report.

After being placed under arrest, Newmones was transported to Marion County Jail, where he is currently being held on a $5,000 bond. He is being charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and driving with a suspended license (third or subsequent offense).

Newmones has entered a written plea of not guilty. He is scheduled to appear in court at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, July 2, for an arraignment hearing, according to Marion County Court records.