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Allen Angel Rivera

Allen Angel Rivera
Allen Angel Rivera

Allen Angel Rivera, passed away peacefully on June 11, 2024, in Ocala, Florida. Born on December 20, 1957, in New York, New York, Allen’s life was one of dedication, service, and the joyous embrace of his loved ones. Allen’s early years in the bustling city of New York laid the foundation for a life of steadfast commitment and vibrant community involvement

Allen had a distinguished 32-year career in the US Army, along with serving as a School Safety Agent with the New York Police Department, a role that allowed him to protect and guide countless young lives. His dedication to nurturing the future generations extended into his years as a teacher at Blessed Trinity Catholic School, where his influence and guidance touched many.

Allen’s devotion to his family was the cornerstone of his life. He is survived by his beloved wife of 30 years, Zenaida, who was the center of his universe. Together, they raised a family that includes their children Americo (Dana), David (Mandy), Nesalina (Ashen), and Tani. Allen took immense pride in his role as a grandfather to A.J., Christian, Angelisa, Shelby, Ralph, Landon, Orion, Joshua, Zendaya, Dwight, and Saniaa. His love and legacy will continue to shine through them.

Those who knew Allen will remember him for his unwaveringly strong opinions and his sarcastic sense of humor, which never failed to bring laughter and levity to any situation. He was a man who loved deeply, cared fiercely, and never hesitated to express his views – often reminding others, in jest, that he was always right.

Allen’s interests outside of his professional and family life were diverse, but they were all underpinned by his love for Zenaida. He took great pleasure in caring for her, demonstrating through his actions the depth of his commitment and love. His presence was a source of strength and comfort to his family, and his absence will be deeply felt by all who were fortunate enough to know him.

As we bid farewell to Allen Angel Rivera, we celebrate the remarkable life he led and the immeasurable impact he had on those around him. His vibrant spirit, his dedication to his country and community, and his unyielding love for his family define his legacy. Allen’s memory will be cherished and kept alive in the hearts of his family, friends, and all the lives he touched. Allen’s life reminds us of the profound influence one individual can have on so many. His story is one of love, laughter, and the enduring strength of family. As we reflect on his life, we find comfort in the memories we shared, the wisdom he imparted, and the unwavering love he gave us. Allen Angel Rivera will be missed, but never forgotten.