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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Steven S. Tousignant

Steven S. Tousignant, 48, of Ocala, FL passed away on June 8th , 2024, in Ocala, FL after a brief unexpected illness. Steve was born on June 21, 1975, in Edina, MN to Richard and Annette Tousignant.

He was the youngest of five children. During his childhood he was homeschooled by his parents. He graduated high school in 1994 from “St. Steven’s Academy”, which his parents named after him as the name of his homeschool. From a young age Steve highly valued education as evidenced by his later accomplishments in academics.

He started college at Normandale Community College and then transferred to the University of Saint Thomas where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering. Steve then went on to study for his PhD at the UofM in the field of Robotics. Steve met his wife Meghan in 2011 online on the dating website Catholic Match. They became engaged and were married the following year at the Cathedral of Saint Paul on June 8, 2012.

They welcomed their first son, Seamus on September 6, 2012, followed by daughter Niamh on April 9, 2015, and son Rory on December 4, 2016. Steve left work on his PhD shortly after his first son was born to start working as a software engineer. He held several positions over the years and thoroughly enjoyed the work before having to retire early as his disability had progressed earlier than anyone had expected.

After he retired, he began to homeschool his children alongside his wife, Meghan, during the last two years of his life. This was especially meaningful to Steve because it allowed him to spend more time with his children and he especially enjoyed teaching them science and math, which he excelled at. Steve had a great love of music his entire life, he enjoyed both listening to and playing the piano and the guitar.

Steve had recently enjoyed starting to watch his oldest son, Shea learn to play the guitar after Shea had received his first guitar as a gift this past Christmas. Steve had enjoyed this immensely and was teaching Shea chords and scales as well as the song “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, which Steve knew well and used to play himself. Steve also loved the musician Jimmy Buffet and had been excited to move to Florida in the past year to start living the Jimmy Buffet lifestyle. Steve and his family had just moved to Ocala, Florida in August 2023.

Steve had worked hard to conquer his fear of flying and had traveled to Saint Louis, Philadelphia, Boston, and Tampa on an airplane. He had been able to see the entire east coast before he passed. He had grown to enjoy flying and looked forward to flying again. Throughout his life Steve was very devout in his Catholic faith and it was of the utmost importance to him. He had learned to celebrate and cherish his faith from a young age with his parents and siblings and his sister, Laurie, was his confirmation sponsor. Steve devotedly practiced his faith until his passing, often finding new churches wherever he moved and enjoying meeting with and having lengthy conversations with priests about faith and spirituality.

Steve is survived by his loving wife, Meghan (Boyle) Tousignant, his children Seamus (11), Niamh (9), and Rory (7). He is also left by four siblings: Roger Tousignant, Cynthia Thompson, Laurie Tousignant, and Stephanie (Richard) Marlier and their children. Steve was also survived by numerous friends and extended family.

Steve was preceded in death by his mother, Annette, his father, Richard, and his grandparents.

Steve passed in love and peace surrounded by his wife and children on his 12th wedding anniversary on June 8th , 2024.