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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

We don’t need more convenience stores and Walmarts in Silver Spring Shores

To the Editor:

This is a response regarding Ocala getting overcrowded and every patch of beautiful trees being bulldozed down by greedy developers that come here, destroy the land, then leave to their mansions in the Rockies.

The Shores in particular, where I’ve lived over 30 years, is being destroyed. There’s no respect for the land animals and the residents here. This has to stop before this becomes just another big city with traffic, high crime, and concrete jungle.

Animals are being killed and their habitats, ruined and disappearing. Why are permits so easily attainable without impact studies being made, or neighbors’ needs being addressed?

We don’t need another 7-Eleven, strip malls, parking lots, and more Walmarts for the Chinese to sell their goods at. Is there anyone out there that is concerned? Is there an organization to combat the indiscriminate destruction of our beautiful city?

Gregory Theodorides