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Homeless woman accused of stealing Ocala McDonald’s employee’s iPhone

A 46-year-old homeless woman was arrested by Ocala police earlier this month after she was accused of stealing an employee’s iPhone at a local McDonald’s.

McDonald s at 2827 SW 27th Avenue in Ocala photo by Google
The theft incident occurred at the McDonald’s located near Paddock Mall. (Photo: Google)

On Friday, June 7, an Ocala Police Department officer was dispatched to the McDonald’s located at 2827 SW 27th Avenue in Ocala in reference to a stolen Apple iPhone. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with a witness who stated that a woman, later identified as Melevanie Lange, had stolen an iPhone that belonged to an employee, according to the arrest report.

Melevanie Lange
Melevanie Lange

The witness stated that they followed Lange out of McDonald’s and watched as she entered the nearby Applebee’s restaurant.

The officer noted in the report that the witness had video footage of the theft incident. In the video, the officer observed the owner of the phone plugging it into an outlet in the restaurant’s lobby.

A short time later, Lange was observed on the footage sitting on a bench seat. After looking around several times, Lange then allegedly grabbed the iPhone along with its charger, placed both items into her purse, and exited the restaurant.

The report stated that the value of the stolen iPhone was approximately $750. In addition, the phone’s case also served as a wallet and contained cash, the employee’s driver’s license, and several of the employee’s debit/credit cards.

The officer approached the Applebee’s restaurant and made contact with Lange. When questioned about the theft, Lange initially told the officer that the iPhone was “thrown into bushes” outside of McDonald’s, though she later stated that she “did not take a phone.”

The officer was unable to locate the stolen iPhone.

Lange was arrested and transported to Marion County Jail, where she is currently being held on a $2,500 bond. She is being charged with grand theft over $300 but less than $5,000.

A court date has been scheduled at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, July 9, according to jail records.