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VIDEO: Ocala landscaper surprised by coachwhip snake while mowing

An Ocala landscaper captured video of a coachwhip snake that surprised him during one of his recent jobs.

Christopher Matthews, of Sunshine Lawn Care, shared the following video of the snake with Ocala-News.com on Friday evening.

In the short video, the snake can be seen slithering through the lawn before escaping through a chainlink fence and entering a roadway.

Matthews said he spotted the coachwhip while mowing a yard, but did not specify the location.

Coachwhip snake on the roadway
This coachwhip snake was spotted by a local landscaper moving through a yard. (Photo: Christopher Matthews)

“Sunshine lawn care in Ocala caught this massive coachwhip while mowing,” reads a message from Matthews to Ocala-News.com.

Coachwhip snakes are nonvenomous and are native to the United States and Mexico. Named for its resemblance to a long, braided whip, a common myth that originates from the snake’s name is that the species chases and whips humans.

Unlike other species who may seek shelter in cool areas, coachwhip snakes prefer hot and dry habitats. They are often found in pine and palmetto flatwoods, scrubs, and along beaches.

According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, the mating season for the species is in Spring, with females typically laying eggs during the Summer. Those eggs will generally hatch between August and September, according to the state.

Have you spotted a coachwhip snake or another species around the area? Share your photos with us.