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Baby raccoons rescued from dumpster by Ocala wildlife group

An Ocala nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing wildlife around the state made at least three more saves this weekend, rescuing a trio of “dehydrated and emaciated” baby raccoons from a dumpster.

Rescuing Ocala Wildlife shared details of the save, which took place on Saturday, June 22, through their social media channels.

Three raccoons rescued from dumpster by Rescuing Ocala Wildlife
These three raccoons were rescued from a dumpster by a volunteer of Rescuing Ocala Wildlife. (Photo: Rescuing Ocala Wildlife)

“These three baby raccoons were found in a dumpster yesterday, extremely dehydrated and emaciated with no signs of mom for days,” reads a statement from ROW.

According to the nonprofit, volunteer Rob was able to catch the raccoons and put them in a carrier to be transported for rehabilitation.

Rescuing Ocala Wildlife saving one of the raccoons
Rob places one of the rescued raccoons in a carrier. (Photo: Rescuing Ocala Wildlife)

The organization says the raccoons were “easy to catch” due to their state, suggesting it was “not a good sign.”

“These three musketeers will be raised up until they’re big enough for release,” reads the statement. “They will need several weeks of medical care and specialty diets.”

ROW is led by its board of directors including president Mikayla Frierson and vice president Leslye Hardin. The group primarily serves Ocala and surrounding communities, but has traveled several hours away throughout the state to save animals over the past year.

In May, ROW representatives and volunteers drove over 4,000 miles to transport wildlife from where they were found to “licensed rehabbers and veterinarians,” according to the organization.

Earlier this month, the group announced the acquisition of a 10.6-acre property in south Ocala, where it plans to build a public wildlife hospital.

To read more about ROW and its rescue efforts, or to make a donation, visit Rescuing Ocala Wildlife online or follow the group on Facebook or Instagram.