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Nancy Avis Brandenburg Felheim

Nancy Avis Brandenburg Felheim was born to Emma and John Brandenburg on May 16, 1929.She passed away on 6/27/2024 at the age of 95.

Her husband of 55 years, Leigh M. Felheim, passed away in 2005. Surviving family members are listed below. Nancy Brandenburg Felheim was an extremely positive individual with a strong can-do attitude. She retired from working as a legal secretary at the age of 80.

She loved grammar. Whenever she found something to be funny or important, it would often show up as a short story. Belonging to a writers’ group afforded her valued social interactions and an opportunity to become a better writer. Consistent with her love of language, she was an avid reader. She read everything and anything. I must reference her favorite character named Lulu from the Janet Evanovich series.

Mom would laugh, literally for years, at things that Lulu said and/or did. Laughter came easily and often, especially when she was with family and friends. Nancy Brandenburg was creative. However, she would not see it that way. She was an accomplished seamstress and sewed her entire life. The outcomes of her efforts were always unique and amazing. Her craft room was ready with whatever provisions she might have needed to make that special item she saw at a craft show. Yes, she needed those larger than life pine cones, 50 small, plastic applesauce cups and numerous 2 liter bottles just in case.

She loved spending time with her friends and family. She loved to go, go, go. She loved to EAT!!!! If the question was posed, “Do you wanna go ….? She was already sitting in the car. How could she resist another trip with Jill to Hobby Lobby, the Dollar Store or to sit on the curb and watch the seasonal Dade City parades go by. She was very proud to have camped in all 48 contiguous states. Life, by definition, included a dog.

Not just a dog, a much loved companion and soulmate. When her dog would pass away, she would find a dog in need of love, and she would christen it with “It’s your turn now.” Let the life and love continue !!!! May her legacy of positivity, life (dog) loving and inherent kindness live on in each of us! Thank you mom! You will always be in our hearts!! We will forever hear your laughter!

Nancy Brandenburg Felheim embraced and loved her family, children Ricky (Katherine, deceased) Felheim, Randy (Linda) Felheim, Rhonda Felheim (Kathy McGlone), Rory Felheim. Grandchildren: Jozanna (Jason) Corn, Jeremy (Brigid) Felheim, Michael Felheim, John Felheim, Mike (Laura) Alexander, Liz (Joshua) Clarke 13 great grandchildren 9 great great grandchildren