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Saturday, July 13, 2024

The worst road in Ocala.

To the Editor:

I live on a property located on SW 30th Street. This is a public road that is shared with the neighboring manufactured housing community. We were told 14 years ago when we annexed into the City of Ocala that the road would be resurfaced two months after all of us annexed.

Again, 14 years later, the road is the worst road in Ocala, according to the public works workers (road fixers and trash providers). Even the owner of the neighboring community has closed his private road because of all the traffic they had from people trying to avoid driving on it.

I’m also concerned about SW 38th Ave, as we have seen a significant increase in traffic with no plans to redo the road. The road in front of Sam’s Club (not SR 200) is another headache that the City of Ocala refuses to address.

We pay taxes just like everyone else and it seems like we get nothing for our money except unkept promises.

Eric R.