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Ocala has installed 11,000 linear feet of sidewalk since Oct 2020

The City of Ocala has installed more than 11,000 linear feet of sidewalk since October 2020.  Are there other areas in the city of Ocala where you would like to see sidewalks extended or created?

Ocala man claims someone stole identity, filed taxes, claimed stimulus check while he was imprisoned

An Ocala man who was released from prison earlier this year is alleging that someone stole his identity, filed taxes, claimed a stimulus check, and tried to create a bank account with his identity.

Juvenile tackles Ocala man while trying to protect his mother

An Ocala man was arrested after allegedly attacking a juvenile who tackled him in an effort to protect his mother.

City Manager updates business owners on downtown Ocala developments

The Ocala City Manager provided an update to business owners on developments across Ocala during a recent networking event.

Ocala parking attendant performs life-saving CPR on man, sparks conversation on AED in downtown

A city of Ocala parking enforcement officer’s quick actions to perform CPR on a man not only saved his life, but could potentially lead to a new AED in downtown.

Assistant City Attorney: Ocala is under assault by ACLU, Southern Legal Counsel

The City of Ocala has appointed the City Attorney’s Office as the lead on a case which the office labeled as an “assault” on Ocala by the American Civil Liberties Union and Southern Legal Counsel.

Woman found with drugs, $7,000 in grocery bag during traffic stop

An Ocala woman was recently arrested after initially being pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt but was later found with illegal drugs and over $7,000 in cash.

Ocala Gran Prix closes in favor of new storage facility

Ocala Gran Prix closed its doors earlier this year in favor of a new storage facility that will take its place. 

Ocala man pulls rifle on neighbors who he claims were stalking him for the FBI, CIA

An Ocala man was charged with aggravated assault after pulling out a rifle on his neighbors because he claimed they were stalking him. 

Two vehicles fail to yield, create dangerous situation during police chase

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents that if they should come upon a police chase in progress, they should move over and yield as they would under any other circumstances involving law enforcement.

Chick-fil-A opens for breakfast again, Ocala employers still hiring

Chick-fil-A opened its doors for breakfast again after closing a month ago on account of a staffing shortage.

Ocala Planning and Zoning Commission recommends denial of 78-unit development after residents voice concerns

Residents of Saddlewood Estates showed out in force and persuaded the Ocala Planning and Zoning Board into recommending that the Ocala City Council deny a new planned development in southwest Ocala. 

City approves ordinance, voters to decide on charter inclusion of feminine pronouns

The City of Ocala approved an ordinance that revises the city charter to include feminine pronouns. Now, voters will have the chance to adopt it this fall.

Light Up Ocala returning November 20

Light Up Ocala will return to Downtown Ocala this November. 

Marion County Democratic Party looking for volunteers

The Marion County Democratic Party is putting out the call for volunteers.

Baker-Acted Ocala man tries to escape hospital after attacking security officer

A Baker Acted Ocala man was charged with battery after trying to escape a hospital and punching a security officer in the face.

Marion County Community Cleanup group needs volunteers for Maricamp, Silver Springs Blvd

The Marion County Community Cleanup group is looking for residents interested in keeping the county clean after their first successful cleanup earlier this month.

New vintage gaming store Respawn Replay opens in Silver Springs Shores

A new vintage gaming store has opened its doors in Silver Springs Shores.

Humane Society asking for donations to help ailing dog found on side of road

The Humane Society of Marion County Florida are seeking donations for a fury friend named Fergus.

Train barrels into semi stuck on tracks in Belleview

A train barred through a semi-tractor on Monday evening after the truck became stuck on the tracks.

Ocala couple arrested after carjacking leads to car chase

An Ocala man and woman were recently arrested after carjacking a car from a man pumping air in his tire at Kwik King and then purposely running into a sheriff’s patrol car.

Naked woman’s rampage at Ocala Outback garnering international attention

A naked woman’s recent rampage at one of the Outback restaurants in Ocala is garnering international attention.

City allocating over $400,000 through CARES Act by June 16

The City of Ocala announced on June 11 that it plans to allocate over $400,000 by June 16 from the CARES Act to support its COVID-19 recovery.

Ocala woman claims $1,000,000 Florida Lottery prize with ticket purchased at Walmart

An Ocala woman claimed a $1,000,000 prize from the Florida Lottery recently after cashing in a ticket she purchased at a local Walmart.