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Door-slamming Ocala woman jailed after spat with juvenile relative

A 20-year-old Ocala woman was arrested after a nasty spat with a juvenile family member.

Ocala man jailed after domestic spat over cell phone

An Ocala man was arrested after allegedly scuffling with a woman and trying to take her cell phone because he said she was videoing him illegally.

Bird-flipping Ocala man accused of battering jobless woman

An Ocala man was arrested after an altercation in which he allegedly called the victim explicit names, gave her the middle finger and pushed her in the face multiple times.

Ocala woman accused of bashing man with keyboard in nasty spat

A 22-year-old Ocala woman spent a recent night in jail after she allegedly struck a man with a keyboard and attacked him during a domestic dispute.

Ocala man accused of strangling woman during domestic spat

A 28-year-old Ocala man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly punched and strangled a woman during a domestic altercation.

Ocala woman jailed after nasty ‘tussle’ over cell phone

An Ocala woman was arrested and charged with domestic battery after “tussling” with a man during an altercation Tuesday night.

Inverness man jailed after nasty spat with mother’s boyfriend at Ocala...

An Inverness man was arrested early Monday morning for allegedly beating up his mother’s boyfriend during a family argument at the Ocala Hilton.

Shirtless, head-banging man accused of battering wife outside homeless shelter

A man was arrested Thursday night after allegedly battering his wife outside an Ocala homeless shelter.

Witnesses back victim’s account of nasty domestic spat

An Ocala woman who claimed she was the victim in a domestic altercation ended up being the one charged when two juvenile witnesses corroborated the victim’s claim that he was the one who was battered.

Ocala woman accused of using nails like claws on bloodied man’s...

An Ocala woman is behind bars after being accused of scratching a man’s face with her fingernails during a domestic altercation early Wednesday.