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Ocala man held without bond after spat over drugs

An Ocala man is being held without bond in the Marion County Jail after a fight with a woman he allegedly accused of tampering with his drugs.

Lee County woman admits to biting man during Ocala car fight

A Lee County woman spent Wednesday night in the Marion County Jail after she admitted to biting a man during a fight in a car in Ocala.

21-year-old perfume-bottle-throwing Ocala woman arrested after nasty spat

A 21-year-old Ocala woman was arrested after she allegedly threw perfume bottles at another woman during a nasty domestic spat.

Ocala woman threatens victim while being taken to jail

An Ocala woman accused of domestic battery said the alleged victim had better be gone when she gets out of jail and threatened to bash his head in.

Ocala woman accused of punching man and making him cry

An Ocala woman was arrested for allegedly punching a man twice during an argument on Sunday.

Vodka-drinking Ocala man accused of throwing things at woman

An Ocala man was arrested last Thursday night after he reportedly got drunk on vodka and started throwing things at a woman.

Belleview man charged with battery after victim’s 911 hangup

A Belleview man is accused of punching his live-in girlfriend in the face to keep her from calling 911 and then trying to get away from the police officers who arrested him.

Pipe-swinging man jailed after spat with woman and her brother

An Ocala man was arrested last week after he allegedly waved a metal pipe at a woman and her brother during an argument over food stamps and the Coronavirus.

Ocala man pepper sprayed during arrest for headbutting woman

An Ocala man was pepper sprayed while being arrested for allegedly headbutting a woman in the face during a domestic spat.

Fast-driving Ocala man accused of punching woman and jumping out of...

An Ocala man was accused of giving a woman a fat lip after she told him he was driving too fast.