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Wrong-way pickup truck driver charged with DUI

An Ocala man was charged with DUI after being stopped while driving on the wrong side of a divided highway.

Marijuana found in passed-out Ocala woman’s running vehicle

An Ocala woman was arrested Dec. 8 drunk-driving and drug charges after being found passed out in the driver’s seat of a running vehicle.

Ocala woman charged with DUI with two kids in vehicle

An Ocala woman with two children in her vehicle was charged with drunk driving after being pulled over for having an obstructed license plate.

Silver Springs man arrested after passing out at stop sign

A 59-year-old Silver Springs man was charged with DUI after he was found passed out at a stop sign with his vehicle running and in gear with his foot on the brake.

Man sobs on the way to jail after DUI crash in...

A South Daytona man sobbed in a patrol car as he was being taken to the Marion County jail after a one-vehicle crash in Ocala.

California man charged with DUI, hit-and-run after crashing twice

A California man was arrested after he reportedly drove away from the scene of a two-vehicle wreck and crashed his car into a sign several blocks away.

Ocala man can’t get his story straight during DUI arrest

A 25-year-old Ocala man accused of drunk driving told one officer he had two beers and another officer he had two margaritas after he was pulled over Wednesday night for failing to stay in his lane.

Woman faces drug charges for second time in 3 months after...

An Ocala woman was arrested on DUI and drug charges after knocking down a utility pole in a one-vehicle crash early Sunday morning on East Silver Springs Boulevard.

DUI suspect was seen earlier passed out in his vehicle

An Ocala man charged with impaired driving after a rear-end collision was observed earlier in the day unconscious in his vehicle with drug paraphernalia in his lap.

Woman reports Ocala man for DUI after nasty spat

An Ocala man was charged with DUI after a woman reported he took the keys to her vehicle and took off while drunk.