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Ocala man jailed after claiming Wal-Mart self-checkout register failed to ring...

An Ocala man is behind bars in the Marion County Jail after he failed to pay for items at a Wal-Mart self-checkout register.

Hungry homeless man behind bars after admitting to stealing meats from...

A homeless Ocala man was jailed Thursday morning after being accused of stealing packets of meat and then fleeing from an Ocala grocery store.

Anonymous tip following Facebook post leads to arrest in Wal-Mart cooking...

An Ocala man was jailed Thursday after a Marion County sheriff’s deputy received an anonymous tip that he was involved in a theft at an Ocala Wal-Mart in July.

26-year-old Ocala man jailed after 16-year-old girl claims ongoing sexual relationship

A 26-year-old Ocala man is behind bars after a juvenile claimed to have had a sexual relationship with him.

Ocala man quickly learns that hiding from Marion sheriff’s K-9 is...

An Ocala man found out last week that attempting to hide from a Marion County sheriff’s K-9 dog doesn’t end well.

Ocala Police detective seriously injured while battling career criminal

An Ocala Police detective was seriously injured Wednesday while trying to apprehend a man who was believed to be connected to a July 4 shooting.

Underwear bandit nabbed at Ocala Wal-Mart with sheriff’s deputy in the...

An underwear and clothing bandit was arrested recently at an Ocala Wal-Mart for a theft that took place while a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy was in the store.

18-year-old man behind bars after attacking mom in grocery store over...

A nasty battle broke out Sunday at an Ocala grocery store after an 18-year-old man tangled with his mother because she wouldn’t let him have certain food items.

Woman who jumped curb to get past Ocala Police car jailed...

Ocala Police officers were called to the area near the Appleton Museum recently after receiving calls of a domestic disturbance.

Battle with 72-year-old man over cleanliness lands Ocala man behind bars

A 21-year-old Ocala man found himself behind bars on Sunday morning after a violent altercation over cleanliness with a 72-year-old man.