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Marion County Public Schools donates healthcare supplies to first responders

Marion County Public Schools recently donated $9,000 in healthcare supplies for local first responders, nursing homes and others.

Marion County sheriff’s deputies searching for bandits who ripped off vehicles

Marion County sheriff’s deputies are searching for two thieves who recently burglarized multiple vehicles.

23 positive of cases of Coronavirus reported in Marion County

Twenty-three people in Marion County have now tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Joint law enforcement venture targets motorists illegally passing school buses

Deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and the Ocala Police Department worked together recently to nab motorists who were illegally passing school buses.

Juveniles arrested after handgun fired in nasty scuffle over girlfriends

Two Marion County teenagers were arrested recently after a nasty battle over girlfriends.

Two trauma alerted to local hospital after vehicle slams into tree

Two motorists were trauma alerted to a local hospital Friday after their vehicle slammed into a tree in Marion County.

‘Hybrid’ work model kicks off for Marion County Public Schools employees

Marion County Public Schools employees are beginning a “hybrid” model of work this week.

Marion sheriff searching for bandit who ripped off purse and went...

Marion County sheriff’s deputies are searching for a thief who stole a purse from a vehicle while it was parked at a horse show on S Hwy. 475 recently.

Marion County doubles number of Coronavirus patients in 24 hours

Marion County has doubled its number of COVID-19 patients in 24 hours on the same day that Florida topped the 4,000 mark in positive test results.

Marion County under burn ban so firefighters available for COVID-19 emergencies

A countywide voluntary burn ban has been issued for Marion County due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency and the need for first responders and equipment to be available for medical emergencies.

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