Couch Sessions showcases Ocala artists, musicians at Reilly Arts Center

A collection of local artists and musicians showcased their talents to residents during another installment of Couch Sessions at the Reilly Arts Center on Thursday night.

The night began with a showcasing of works by the artists. Canvases and prints were on display throughout the lobby of the center.

Mel Fiorentino, whose work has been featured at the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, has been commissioned to make a variety of portraits that honor celebrities and musicians, including the late David Bowie. Fiorentino cited a portrait of her late father as her favorite work.

“After he passed away, I just felt like I needed to see him. I did a painting for my grandparents and it helped me find closure,” said Fiorentino of the memorable portrait.

Mel Fiorentino
Mel Fiorentino showcases her work during Couch Sessions at Reilly Arts Center, including a large portrait of the late David Bowie

Additional works were on display by Jordan Shapot, Tyrus Clutter, Teddy Sykes and Derek Gabriel Grimsley.

Teddy Sykes, whose work can be seen all around different locations in Downtown Ocala, showcased a variety of vibrant portraits before working on one live during the musical portion of the evening.

Teddy Sykes showcases his work at Couch Sessions

Teddy Sykes painted live for the audience while musicians showcased their music on stage at the Reilly Arts CenterAfter patrons had the opportunity to view and bid on the artists’ collections, everyone was treated to performances from a variety of musical acts while artists painted live alongside the stage.

Attendees were serenaded by music from Left On Broadway (Olivia Ortiz & Mike Wall), Becky Sinn, Ecliff Ferrar, and Mark “Gypsy Sparrow” Smythe.

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