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More residents from Ocala submit letters regarding Ocala/Marion County’s growth

"The county officials seem to be unaware regarding the need to improve the intersections. Drive 66th Street in the morning, heading west towards 200, and look at the traffic heading to 475A which is coming from the new opening off 49th Avenue. It's crazy," says Ocala resident Chris Haussman in a Letter to the Editor.

Marion County resident discusses housing issue

"Every time you find a suitable place that's only been on the market for two days, there are already 70 to 100 applications ahead of you, all requiring a $50 to $100 application fee. Then only one lucky person gets accepted based on a background check that's worse than a gun purchase," says Summerfield resident Charles Coomes in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident voices concerns regarding Ocala/Marion County Growth

"I agree with a previous letter that stated: "There is always someone with more money that waves it in the face of county politicians who will build until the county bursts." I want to know what the rules, regulations, and criteria are regarding how things are approved for development. It seems to me that approval comes really fast," says Ocala resident Marilyn Bradley in a Letter to the Editor.

Marion County resident voices concerns regarding unsafe drivers

"Three years ago, I moved from Arizona to Florida, and I'm still surprised at the lack of knowledge that drivers have out here. Either drivers in Florida don’t care or they think that they are the only ones on the road," says Summerfield resident Laura Yanez in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident discusses city’s massive growth

"Many complain about the nearly 1,000 people per week who are moving here. Thank those in office who are rubber-stamping all new developments (with only a few exceptions)," says Ocala resident Jaime Lazarus in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents discuss topic of littering in Ocala/Marion County

"When it comes to litter, there isn't an age discrimination. I live in Ocala Highlands Estates and have seen it all, from beer cans, cigarette packets, household garbage, tires, and toilets to dirty diapers. It truly disgusts me," says Ocala resident Angela Bradley in a Letter to the Editor.

Several residents discuss topic of litter in Ocala/Marion County

"The fact that the homeless and old folks can't carry their trash to the designated bin is stupid. Aldi's is a prime example, since I'm quite certain many of these places have public trash receptacles," says Ocala resident Jameson Marley in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents want Costco, other grocer options in Ocala

"Personally, I would like to see a Whole Foods store and perhaps a Trader Joe's here. I believe that the area between Wildwood and Ocala can support this. Anyone else agree?" says Wildwood resident Mary Wilson.

More residents write in asking for Costco in Ocala

"A Costco near Highway 484 and SR 200 would be the ideal spot. Dunnellon, Belleview, and all the 55-plus communities, some of which are building up like crazy, could use something like Costco," says On Top of the World resident Linda Hill in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents weigh in on topic of litter in Ocala/Marion County

"I witnessed someone right beside me, at a traffic light, stick their hand with a bag full of fast food garbage out the window and drop it right on the ground. What is wrong with people here? That is disgusting," says Ocala resident Maria Shahi in a Letter to the Editor.

Another resident supports bringing Costco to Ocala

"I have learned that I am not the only one in my community that desires to have a Costco store in Ocala. Even if I have to stand on the corner of College Road/State Road 200 and collect signatures on a petition to have a Costco Warehouse brought to our community, I would do it in a heartbeat," says Ocala resident Nancy Lane in a Letter to the Editor.

Another resident voices concerns regarding topic of Ocala/Marion County growth

"I did not sign up for two-story crowded houses looking into my house, taking 15 minutes to get out of our development, road rage, constant traffic, more crime, etc. All of this so builders can fit 100 cheaply built houses onto 50 acres," says Ocala resident Catherine Alfonzo in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident discusses litter problem in Marion County

"As the population grows, the litter problem needs to be addressed now. Nobody likes to see litter and it is especially disheartening when it is a part of our naturally beautiful landscape," says Ocala resident Laura Burland in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents share thoughts on Ocala/Marion County’s growth

"In the five years I have been here, I have witnessed a drastic change in sleepy, laid-back Ocala. What used to be scenic pastures and horse farms along State Road 200 has been turned into a vista of car washes, gas stations, car dealerships, and ugly hotels," says Ocala resident James Young in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident says city is overcrowded and overbuilt

"Living in Silver Springs Shores is quickly becoming undesirable. It started with 475 new homes bordering the Lake Diamond golf course - cutting down a large swath of trees and dumping 500 or more cars on an already overcrowded Maricamp Road," says Ocala resident Don Goodman in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident shares thoughts on transportation and development in Ocala/Marion County

"What brings people to this area is the horse farms, rural atmosphere with granddaddy oaks filled with moss, the clear cool beautiful springs, the wildlife, and a more laid-back way of life. We are quickly losing all of that," says Ocala resident Carol Demme in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents from Ocala share thoughts on city’s water

"I'm one of the very few residents who has a well in the city and I'm still charged a water fee. It’s not the city's water. I use the electricity to use my pump to provide me with water," says Ocala resident Joyce Modlin in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents weigh in on Ocala/Marion County’s transportation needs

"I understand that  someone named the airport 'International,' but sometimes dreams don't fit within the parameters of reality. Train tracks that are already in use and being expanded to the south of us would be better for the environment, noise control, and land use," says Ocala resident Donya Singletary in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala residents discuss commercial flights, high-speed rail system

"I believe it would be much more efficient and far less costly to reconstruct the rail system to run from downtown Ocala to Orlando, and it would maintain Ocala's rural charm. This rail system could also connect to the newly finished high-speed rail line that runs to Tampa," says Ocala resident Ian Bell in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident discusses her large Garfield the cat collection

"Since 1992, 30 years ago, I have been trying to get in the Guinness World Records. In 1992, I had 3,000 Garfield the cat items. At that time, no one was in Guinness for Garfield stuff," says Ocala resident Maritza Cruz in a Letter to the Editor.

Lifelong Ocala resident shares thoughts on commercial flights

"It's past time that we brought commercial flights here. It would create jobs, make life a little easier for those of us that fly, and it would help bring in possible new residents to Marion County. It's really a win-win for everyone," says Ocala resident Martin Marszalek in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident discusses desire to run for president after discovering “incredible family tree”

"My family tree is so incredible that it inspired me to announce my intention to run in the 2024 U.S. presidential election. I am a descendant of political philosopher John Locke. Remarkably, I am related to 26 former Presidents of the United States, two of which are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln," says Ocala resident Robert Weeks in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents discuss pros and cons of bringing commercial flights to Ocala

"I would like to see our city grow with the airport getting some expansion, and I live about a mile away from the airport. Add the cost of driving 100 to 200 miles and the cost of parking for up to 10 days, and it seems to me that it would be to our advantage to have it here," says Ocala resident Bill Rollings in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents discuss Ocala/Marion County’s transportation needs

"Once upon a time, there were signs that said, 'Right on Red After Stop.' There are no signs now, and I can sit at places like 27th Avenue and State Road 200 and watch an amazing number of people turning right on red without even slowing down," says Ocala resident Karen Perkins in a Letter to the Editor.