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Marion County residents weigh in on internet service quality

"I, too, agree with a recent letter from a Dunnellon resident. I live in the same area and internet is almost nonexistent. Cellphone coverage is almost nonexistent as well. Come on, Marion County, this is 2022, not 1922," says Ocala resident Aimee Hausy in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident voices concerns on fiber optic internet availability in Marion County

"We have lived in Dunnellon for five years now. AT&T owns the area rights for fiber optic internet, and despite the fact that they have fiber optic cables right across the street from our home in Hills of Ocala/Rolling Ranch Estates, they do not offer fiber optic availability in our immediate area," says Dunnellon resident Paulette Nunez in a Letter to the Editor.

Marion County resident wants better, faster internet options

"Where I live, we only have one option for internet and that's CenturyLink DSL, which is terrible. We only get 10 Mbps (download) and 1 Mbps (upload). Not only is it slow, but it disconnects at least once a day," says Summerfield resident Monica Garcia in a Letter to the Editor.

Crystal River resident drives 90 miles to shop at nearest Costco

"My family has been Costco members for several years, and I bought a hearing aid from them at a reasonable price three years ago. If I need the hearing aid worked on, or if we need to buy a lot of groceries, we drive 90 miles (one-way) to the nearest Costco in Tampa. We hope Costco builds a closer store," says Crystal River resident Dave Kaiser in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents weigh in on Ocala/Marion County’s growth, quality of life

"It seems that the best option for all the complainers is to move. If where you came from is so much better, why don’t you still live there? If you don’t like it here, nobody is forcing you to stay. If you want peace and a farm area, move to Levy County. I’m proud to have watched Slocala grow into what it has become," says Ocala resident Mike Jarmo in a Letter to the Editor.

Residents share their thoughts on quality of life in Ocala/Marion County

"Ocala is a great city, it's just growing so fast that roadway upgrades aren't keeping up. Yes, traffic lights certainly need to be re-timed. I won't travel 200 unless I absolutely have to. There is no flow of traffic on 200 or 40 for that matter. With so many people moving here, the roadways are just awful," says Silver Springs resident Anne Broman in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident says SR 200 is a nightmare

"When I moved here about six years ago, I was driving the same truck that I bought new back in 1998, and I had never had an accident until I started driving on SR 200. On a Sunday night at 8:30 p.m., a lady never touched her brakes, and I was rear-ended while stopped at a red light at the intersection with 60th Avenue. She was estimated to be going over 60 mph," says Ocala resident James Young in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident talks about red light runners, roadway safety

"I have a completely probable solution to solve the problem of drivers running red lights. At the intersections, place hydraulic posts that emerge when the light starts turning yellow, ensuring that cars will stop for the red light and pedestrian traffic. Warning signs telling everyone to beware and to stop," says Ocala resident Patricia Herrmann in a Letter to the Editor.

Silver Springs resident discusses Marion County’s affordable activities, crime rate

"My family has never found a lack of entertainment, but we put in the effort to look. Both parks and recreation departments provide cheap or free activities and entertainment. There are movie theaters, bowling alleys, dance clubs, swimming holes, tennis and golf clubs, springs, museums, hiking trails, etc. If you are not entertained in Marion County, you aren't looking," says Silver Springs resident Colleen O'Brien in a Letter to the Editor.

Several residents share their thoughts on living in Ocala/Marion County

"Everyone should stop all their whining and complaining. You have a roof over your head and food in your bellies. Be grateful with what you have. You could still be up north with all the rules and regulations that the governor and mayors implement on you. Just be at peace with your neighbors and yourselves," says Ocala resident Patricia Herrmann in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident says Ocala/Marion County’s population growth threatening local wildlife

"The current population boom is alarming to me as a conservationist. I see vacant lots, fields, and forests being knocked down to accommodate construction. Does anyone care about what happens to the local wildlife?" says Ocala resident Janis Keller in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents share thoughts on growth, needs of Ocala/Marion County

"Ocala must have the cleanest cars in the world since there are car washes at every corner. Why? We need more decent restaurants and clothing stores west of 75. Don’t you think people would like to eat out and shop more if these places were more local to all the developments on this end of route 200?" says Ocala resident Dora Gelibter in a Letter to the Editor.

Residents voice thoughts on responsibility of dog owners

"I am appalled to see huge poop piles that no one will pick up. It astonishes me that the owners are so lazy when it comes to picking up what the dogs are leaving on their neighbors' lawns. Come on people - respect the areas of your neighbors and other areas where you let your dog potty," says Ocala resident Susan Gutterman in a Letter to the Editor.

Residents share thoughts on finding entertainment in Ocala/Marion County

"Ocala is known for its outdoors. You can go camping, swimming, hiking, fishing, ride a bike, and take classes for seniors. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen. It’s not up to businesses to plan activities," says Ocala resident Ann Tucker in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents share thoughts on living in Ocala/Marion County

"I moved here 26 years ago from a small town in Georgia. I have watched this city decline drastically. Ocala is overrun with drugs, thugs, and homeless people, and the cost of living is at an all-time high. There is also nothing to do here," says Ocala resident Tina Wilson in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident says living in Ocala “just feels right”

"At age 65, I feel free, and I plan on dying here. The trees are beautiful, the water is mystical, the ocean is near, and it just feels right. After breaking most of my bones snow ski racing, I moved here 25 years ago and never left," says Ocala resident Mark Robinson in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident says dog owners should respect other people’s property

"There are dog owners who walk their dogs and think that every green space, including a person's lawn, is fair for them to have their dogs use the lawn as it pleases. The dog is a dog - it's the owner of the dog who is the problem," says Ocala resident William Silinski in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala residents respond to recent letter that voiced concerns about city

"We have a lively arts community, a wonderful concert venue in the Reilly, and an outstanding museum in the Appleton. Our downtown is bustling with excellent restaurants, unique shops, and entertainment. Is Ocala perfect? Well, of course not, but I find plenty to recommend it," says Ocala resident Cheryl Dornbush in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident says city is “nothing to be proud of”

"There is nothing to do for seniors. Every place you look, another gas station is coming up, a car wash, what have you. State Road 200, OMG, that highway is a nightmare to get anywhere and the lights are poorly timed," says Ocala resident Regina Pickett in a Letter to the Editor.

More residents share their thoughts, concerns on Ocala/Marion County’s development

"All I see now is mass construction in the Ocala area, along with the destruction of areas with endangered wildlife. Our peaceful way of life is in peril. I'm afraid most of Florida is going to end up as an asphalt jungle," says Ocala resident Janis Keller in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident voices concerns on development of Ocala/Marion County

"Restaurants, a hotel, homes, and more homes are being built. Yet, I see miles of Ocala where people live, but there are no stores or much of anything for these residents. Instead, it's 'drive to this distant area for everything.' When you develop a region, you need amenities for the people that live in the region," says Ocala resident Jim Hayes in a Letter to the Editor.

Two Ocala residents share thoughts on casinos, gambling

"A previous letter stating that Marion County should have casino-style slot games is absolutely correct. We have off track or intertrack wagering. We have a horse track being wasted.  We have poker card games out at the old jai alai, so why not add slots?" says Ocala resident Guy Mongello in a Letter to the Editor.

Residents share thoughts on growth, needs of Ocala/Marion County

"I am very concerned about how much Marion County is growing. We are the center of Florida. Has anyone considered that we may run out of fresh water, or if the impact could cause us to split off into the ocean?" says Ocala resident Sheryl Balogh in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident voices concerns on red light runners, drivers not yielding to emergency vehicles

"I, too, have noticed a lot of people running traffic lights when red. There are two kinds of drivers: ones who run traffic lights and ones who sit at a green light on their cellphones," says Ocala resident Sue Dahlgren in a Letter to the Editor.