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Marion County residents share thoughts on Ocala’s transportation needs

"Listen up people, we do not want noisy airplanes flying over our homes at all times. We have that already with choppers and small planes, we do not need any more. So before you move to Ocala or anywhere, check the place out first," says Ocala resident Marta Varnell in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala and Reddick residents share additional thoughts on county jail’s treatment of inmates

"I spent a whole night in Marion County Jail, and in the best words I can describe it: that was the worst experience of my life. I was booked in and the front staff was pretty nice, but unfortunately the guards there were very unprofessional and controlling. The food was sickening and the most smelly, disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life," says Ocala Resident Sequoia Robinson in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala residents share thoughts on city’s transportation needs

"I wholeheartedly agree that it will be beneficial to have a train service in Ocala again. There are a lot of people I know that would love this opportunity to be able to go south and enjoy a day or two without them having to worry about the drive. Marion County is growing rapidly and we need more means of transportation here," says Ocala resident Vicki Briggs in a Letter to the Editor.

Former Ocala resident says city should resume Amtrak services

"It was convenient to use Amtrak to go to south Florida or anyplace else. Ocala has a beautiful airport but there is no commercial airline service for people to use. I truly believe that if Ocala was able to resume Amtrak service, folks would use it," says Martin Marszalek of Gainesville in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident shares experience inside Marion County Jail

"I witnessed everything from sexual assault by guards on inmates, to allowing someone to almost overdose. I was not allowed a call. I was not told in court what I'd even been arrested for. I was told I was guilty of something and given a public defender," says Ocala resident Erin Hollfield in a Letter to the Editor.

Marion and Alachua county residents share thoughts, concerns on county jail’s treatment of inmates

"Since the jail is privately owned, they more or less make their own rules, not like state prisons that have the same rules for every facility. I honestly recommend that a week-long, unannounced surprise inspection and review of activities of daily living be done and checked. This is the United States and prisoners have rights. Rights that are clearly being violated every day," says Gainesville resident Martin Marszalek in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala and Dunnellon residents share thoughts on whether Ocala needs passenger trains

"Perhaps people that want [a passenger train] should move to one of the cities that have this service. We do not need it. Stop trying to turn Ocala into another New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc," Ocala resident Marta Varnell says in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala needs another passenger train

"Why can’t Ocala start a passenger train like Orlando? I would love to hop on a train to Tampa, Saint Augustine or Orlando. Think of the tourism it would bring to Ocala as well" - Ocala resident Heidi Caron shares her opinion. Share your opinions in a letter to the editor at https://www.ocala-news.com/submit-a-letter-to-the-editor/

City of Ocala’s online theft reporting system is a ‘disgrace’

"I love police but the elected officials stop them from doing their jobs. I served on city council, I served as director of public safety. The city's online reporting is a disgrace to the taxpayers of this city. Let the police do their jobs." - Ocala resident Aaron Hendricks shares his experience regarding his stolen credit cards. Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.

Ocala and Anthony residents share details on COVID symptoms and recovery

"I’m a 19-month COVID-19 'long-hauler'. When I got COVID in March 2020, not much was known and there was no vaccine. Now, over 700,000 Americans have died and nearly 37% of COVID victims are long-haulers with damage just like me, but there is now a vaccine. Those like me are now immunocompromised, which means that although we are vaccinated, we could die if we get a breakthrough case. We need post-COVID clinics here in Ocala," says Nancy Carp, Ocala resident in a Letter to the Editor.

Anthony resident says county needs ‘bigger facility’ for mental health treatment

"A man shoots and kills his neighbor because his cat walked on the killer's property. Not to mention he would walk around the neighborhood brandishing a firearm and threatening other people about their pets. Why couldn't anyone pick up the phone and contact the police about this? Then there is the lady that threatened an Ocala Police Department officer. These people need psychological help," says Anthony resident Lauren Scott in a Letter to the Editor. Share your opinions in a letter to the editor at www.ocala-news.com/submit-editor-letters

Marion County resident shares frustrations of child being removed from home

"Marion County Child Protective Services removed my child out of my home on April 16, 2021. They will not give my child back. I am a mother of six children and only one was taken away. I have no police record, I am not a drug addict, and I give back to my community by volunteering with Interfaith in Reddick. The Department of Children and Families is keeping my family apart," says Marion County resident Lisa Cleare in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident with diabetes shares COVID-19 recovery journey

"I remember every day and every symptom. It was like giving birth, something you never forget. I want to feel like I did prior to COVID, but in some respects I know this is the new me. It would be great to have a group of listeners to share the stories so we all don’t think we are crazy," says Ocala resident Francis Benson in a Letter to the Editor. Share your letters and experiences with us.

Ocala residents share thoughts on boredom and finding entertainment in the city

"I have only been in Ocala for two years and I can say it's boring. Where is the attraction besides being the great horse capitol of the world? This is Florida and we need an actual real water park like Sun Splash in Cape Coral or a small Aquatica, not a small splash pad with a rinky-dink slide" - Ocala resident Josh Swartz shares his thoughts in a letter to the editor.

Ocala resident shares her lingering health issues months after recovering from COVID-19

"I had Covid this year around the second week of July. We are now in October and I have been to two hospitals with signs of a heart attack and vertigo. They have run tests and they come back negative, showing that there is nothing wrong with me. The doctors look at me and I feel they are not taking me serious." Ocala resident Nedya Torres shares her thoughts on dealing with lingering effects from COVID-19 months after testing positive.

Marion County residents share additional thoughts on commercial flights to Ocala International Airport

"Past President Trump and his entourage flew into Ocala International Airport on the presidential jet to give a speech in Ocala. It seems not only possible, but Ocala airport is large enough" - Kathy Tetzlaff of Ocala and dozens of other Marion County residents wrote in and shared a variety of opinions on commercial flights to Ocala International Airport.

Ocala resident says every place gets ‘boring’ sooner or later

"I'm older and Ocala is pretty boring, so it's not just younger people that get bored, because there is nothing to do in Ocala. I lived in Saint Petersburg, Florida for a long time. Guess what: It can get boring there too. No matter where you live, it all gets played out sooner or later."- resident John Johnson writes in to share his thoughts in a letter to the editor. Share your letters and comments with us.

Marion County residents weigh in on commercial flights to Ocala International Airport

"Driving to Gainesville Airport or Sanford Airport is a ridiculous waste of time and expense. The Ocala International Airport expansions over the last few years have made it worth it. The financial benefits would make it more than worth it to the residents and community" - Robert Faeges and other residents wrote in to share their thoughts about commercial flights in and out of Marion County.

Retired broadcast engineer says Ocala will never have TV station again

"Ocala did have a TV station. It was on channel 51. It was bought by the group that owns Ch35 in Orlando, then the transmitter was moved to Gainesville. Good luck getting a construction permit from the FCC, and a permit for a decent tower from the FAA" - Michael Terrell, a former television broadcast engineer, shares his opinion. Share your opinions in a letter to the editor.

Ocala resident says city needs airport with commercial airlines

"We need a real airport that has commercial airlines flying in and out. Travel to Sanford or Gainesville is a pain. Every city that has an airport grows with the right people in charge. Ocala is growing and we need to provide the amenities to keep it that way" - Ocala resident Michael Drake shares his opinion in a letter to the editor.

On Top of the World resident says Ocala needs new department stores, grocers, local TV station

"Roses at Friendship needs to be gone and a Winn Dixie or Kroger needs to take over. Whole Foods or Fresh Market also needs a home! On Top of the World will continue to grow! Retirees like convenience. Kohl’s, Dillards, etc a nice upscale outdoor mall! A local TV station would be a goldmine! Hate listening to weather reports from Orlando" - On Top of the World residents David and Leona Roach share their opinion in a letter to the editor. Share your opinions in a letter.

More residents write in asking for Costco, other grocer options around Ocala

"We have been driving close to 170 miles round trip to Costco in Clearwater for over 10 years. The population in Ocala along with surrounding area would patronize an Ocala Costco due to growth. Folks from Citrus, Levy, Marion, and Alachua Counties all are asking for a Costco in Ocala," says Joyce Schwing of Inglis. Dozens more readers have written to Ocala-News.com in recent weeks regarding new grocers and national chains they would like to see in Ocala. Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.

Dunnellon resident says area needs more internet service options

"I have been living here in the outskirts of Ocala for 16 years. I have seen Ocala grow except in areas that really need to grow. The first thing is cellular phone service or more choices for landline companies, same goes for internet. I have had to deal with AT&T internet services. It is the only company in my area and it doesn't even work. I complain to them on a weekly basis and all I get there is nothing we can do" - Dunnellon resident Atys Vega shares an opinion in a letter to the editor. Share your letters to the editor with us.

Resident asking that Tuscawilla tennis courts be pressure-washed

"For over a year, I've been complaining, to no avail, to the city about pressure cleaning the tennis courts and removing the weeds that are all over the place. I thought that maybe you can motivate them to take care of it. It's such a beautiful park and the condition of the tennis courts makes it look abandoned" - Amable Trujillo shares her experience in a letter to the editor. Are there other amenities that you think need attention? Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.