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We miss Italian beef and hot dogs

"Having moved here from Northern Illinois, we really miss the great Italian beef and hotdogs from Portillo’s. I would really love to see them build one here in Ocala. I would think they would do quite well, and I’m sure others who have enjoyed them up North would welcome them" - A new Ocala resident shares his thoughts.

Resident shares thoughts on seafood options in Ocala

"Ocala needs that one unique place that caters to family; working family, and their budgets in offering a place that's comfortable, affordable, healthfully tasty, and a wow factor which fills the belly and pleases the blue-collar pallet" - An Ocala resident shares his opinion.

We need a Trader Joe’s in Ocala.

"About once a month, several friends and I drive to Gainesville just for Trader Joe's. It's a great store with healthy, fresh food and great wine. Ocala is no longer a sleepy town with beautiful horse farms. We have grown up and need more choices for groceries" - An Ocala resident shares her opinion.

The worst road in Ocala.

"I live on a property located on SW 30th Street. This is a public road that is shared with the neighboring manufactured housing community. We were told 14 years ago when we annexed into the City of Ocala that the road would be resurfaced two months after all of us annexed. Fourteen years later, and the road is the worst road in Ocala, according to the public works staff" - An Ocala resident shares his opinion.

Brightline, please restore Ocala’s passenger trains

"It's disappointing that our train station has become a mere bus stop. I wish that one day, when my children are older, Ocala will have passenger trains that stop here instead of only freight trains that pass by. Maybe Brightline will save us" - An Ocala resident shares his opinion.

Parking, traffic, and an underwhelming drone show: Ocalan suggests changes to improve next year’s event

"The shuttle was caught up in the same gridlock we were hoping to avoid. Like many others, my wife and I decided to hike the 1.4 miles to our car. Thirty minutes later, we reached our vehicle, sweating and tired, vowing never to attend this event again" - An Ocala resident says the drone show was "underwhelming" and that "parking and traffic management" were problematic during the city's inaugural Patriotic Skies event.

Ocala is extremely boring for a highschooler

"As a current highschooler living in Ocala, it is extremely boring, there’s nowhere to go, and it’s very unsafe. What they need to add are stores that benefit all generations or that add actual value to Ocala and not just another dumb car wash" - An Ocala teenager shares her thoughts.

We missed the ‘bombs bursting in air’ at Ocala’s drone show

"We attended the inaugural drone show hoping to have a spectacular showing. The atmosphere was patriotic and we loved the food trucks being there. The live music was very good from the bands that played. There is something to say about the bombs bursting in air that we did not get with the drones. The show was nice, but lackluster in our opinion. I understand that it is more friendly for the environment and better for the animals that are scared of loud noises, but it was not what we were hoping for" - An Ocala resident shares her opinion.

Thank you for fixing I-75.

"I-75 will be nice when it's done, it's just something we have to live with. If you think it's bad, come to the Fort Worth/Dallas area, where I visited recently" - An Ocala resident issues a thank you to those working to improve Interstate 75.

Northerners bring attitudes, Floridians don’t use turn signals

"People are coming from up North with their attitudes and their driving habits. Please note, Northerners, people in Florida don't use their signals. All you New Yorkers that think you're going to raise your voice or fist at somebody you don't know, remember this: He might be packing" - A Dunnellon resident shares his opinion on drivers in Florida.

I-75 is always congested

"I travel from Ocala to Gainesville many times throughout the month. The off-ramp at State Road 326, heading northbound on l-75, needs two lanes. I do not know why planning does not expand our roadways first, then allow for more expansion of housing, warehouses, and so on" - An Ocala resident shares her opinion.

Why do we need more car washes?

"I have lived in this town for almost a year, and I don't think I have seen one car in all of these car washes. Why is this type of business allowed to inundate this community?" - An Ocala resident shares her opinion.

Wahlbergers, La Granja, Pollo Tropical atop Ocala residents’ wish list

Wahlbergers, La Granja, and Pollo Tropical were atop the list of the restaurants residents would like to see come to Ocala.

My power went out and I couldn’t use my cell phone for hours

"Two days ago, at dawn in the area where I live, there was a power outage, something that is becoming common. Luckily, it was resolved in about 6 hours...The lack of telephone reception in Marion Oaks is well known and it became very clear to me that in case of emergency, we cannot expect any help" - A Marion Oaks resident shares his recent experience during a power outage.

Bring Pollo Tropical to Ocala

"One of the few things that I miss about South Florida is the restaurant Pollo Tropical! Pollo Tropical is some of the best-tasting food you can get at a 'faster food restaurant.' It's absolutely delicious and economical" - A Marion County resident shares her opinions about a popular Hispanic restaurant franchise.

Is there a city plan for all these apartments?

"All these apartments are being built throughout the city. Are people moving here in hopes they can find work? What is the growth plan of the city? Is it a 'build them and they will come' mentality?" - An Ocala resident shares his opinion.

Cox has been selling internet service in Ocala at ‘high speeds’ they can’t provide

"For years Cox was selling us their 'high speed' package and we had issues daily with it. Cox not only overcharged us for years for speed they couldn't actually deliver (1000 mbps), but the service was terrible" - An Ocala resident claims a cable company has been charging for internet speeds it can't offer.

This is not the place I moved to in 2014

"I came to Ocala in 2014, I was very happy to leave Miami and its overpopulation and crazy traffic behind. Now, with all the new construction and the loss of fauna and flora, Ocala has become an unpleasant place to live. I can not say that the commissioners and the Mayor are becoming millionaires, I have no proof of that. But I can say this is not the place I used to enjoy anymore" - An Ocala resident shares her opinion.

We need Portillo’s Chicago-style food in Ocala

"Every good restaurant keeps going to Orlando. It's about time other cities get some, too. How about bringing a Portillo's to Ocala on State Road 200?" - An Ocala resident would like to see a famous Chicago-style Italian Beef and Hot Dog restaurant come to the area.

We are only Sam’s Club members in Ocala because Costco isn’t here

"Just arriving from Naples a few weeks ago; Ocala needs a Costco store with plenty of parking. I think that the gas station needs to be a distance from the main store. Naples had that setup and it worked well. Costco has better organic supplies and better meat choices than Sam's Club, of which we are a member too (because Costco isn't here). Please consider adding a Costco store in our area. Thank you" - A new Ocala resident shares her desire to see a Costco in the area.

We don’t need more convenience stores and Walmarts in Silver Spring Shores

"The Shores in particular, where I've lived over 30 years, is being destroyed. There's no respect for the land animals and the residents here. This has to stop before this becomes just another big city with traffic, high crime, and concrete jungle" - An Ocala resident shares his opinion.

Belleview Pizza and Italian closing was a ‘bad day’ in Marion County history

"I was beyond shocked to learn of our favorite restaurant, Belleview Pizza and Italian, was closing. We went every Wednesday and Saturday. We loved their chicken parmesan and their pizza" - A Summerfield resident shares her thoughts on last month's closure of a 50-year-old restaurant.

Traffic on I-75, major thoroughfares in Marion is ‘totally ridiculous’

"There are not enough police officers for the traffic congestion, nor intelligent commissioners who care about this city's well-being. Their mental capacity is "show me the money." I-75 is totally ridiculous, as are all the major thoroughfares" - A Marion County resident shares his thoughts.

Generations who built this community are concerned about ‘out of control growth’

"The people that have lived here for generations and built this fine community are the ones concerned about the out of control growth. It's affecting not only how people are living, but how our wildlife and environment are being severely impacted as well" - Another Marion County resident shares her opinion.