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I’ve worked in Ocala for 20 years and I can’t afford to live here.

"I sold my home to downsize. I was faced with no option when looking for housing besides apartments that were not affordable" - A disabled resident who has worked in Ocala for two decades says she can't find an affordable place to live.

My child is late weekly, left standing on busy highway by Marion school bus

"I am upset my child is late to school weekly and that they are left standing at a very busy spot of a highway in the dark, but I also understand that there is only so much that can be done" - An Ocala mother says she believes Marion school bus drivers are doing the best they can and are still coming up short. What are your thoughts?

New residents, development in southwest Ocala are welcome

"I do not feel threatened, as some seem to be, by the apartments. I am so glad the doors to Ocala and On Top of The World were not closed to us when we came here in 2001, and I am happy to welcome new folks to our end of town," - A 23-year resident of On Top of the World says she welcomes new apartments and development.

The destruction of Ocala is happening at an alarming rate.

"I moved up here 8 years ago from St. Pete to get away from concrete jungles to only see it happening up here. What was once a quiet place to live is now overrun with traffic, apartments and houses filling our once pristine countryside," - An Ocala resident shares her thoughts on development.

‘Greedy developers’ don’t care about ‘way of life’ in On Top of The World

"Accidents will be more prevalent causing our insurance rates to sore! Delays for emergency vehicles will suffer and deaths will be caused by these delays...Especially at OTOW! An adult retirement community will be mostly effected as our way of life will be forever changed" - A resident of one of Ocala's 55+ communities shares his opinion on development in southwest Ocala.

These are letters to the editor that we didn’t publish.

Ocala-News.com receives dozens of letters to the editor every week. Unlike other publications, we do our best to publish as many as we can and share your voice. Here's a collection of all the letters we didn't get to publish.

Space between cars at a stoplight ‘saved us’ from worse accident

"My husband always keeps a decent space between us and the car ahead while waiting for a light. This action saved us when a car from the lane to the right was struck and thrown into us, slamming us towards the car in front of us. Had we not had that safety space, it could’ve been worse." - An Orange Lake resident responds to another letter that was critical of excessive space between vehicles at stoplights. Do you have an opinion on the matter?

Belleview driver bemoans ‘excessive’ distance between cars at stoplights

"I am fed up with the people who decide to stop excessive car lengths behind another car at red lights. Most everyone is sitting on their cell phone, not paying attention," - A Belleview driver shares his thoughts in a letter to the editor.

We need more stores in southeast Ocala

"We need a big mall, Burlington, TJ Maxx, and Ross. We also need a Planet Fitness by us, a YMCA, a Sam's Club, and an Aldi," two residents of southeast Ocala say they'd like to see more businesses pop up in that area of the city. What are your thoughts?

Bring Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders to Ocala

An Ocala resident hopes a Michigan-based pizza and "grinder" chain will someday expand into Marion County. Are there any restaurants from the Midwest that you'd like to see expand into the area?

Ocala resident says end of daily newspaper delivery a ‘sad day’

"It's a sad day for older folks and some younger, who really enjoy sitting down in the morning with a cup of coffee and a newspaper" - Roger Francisco shares his thoughts in light of the Ocala StarBanner moving to postal delivery. What are your thoughts?

Ocala resident complains of five boil water notices in past month

"In the northeast Ocala area, we have been through five episodes of boil water notices in the span of 38 days. The water system here is 45 years old. Maybe it's in need of replacement" - An Ocala resident shares her experience with her utility provider. Share your comments here or send us a letter to the editor.

White lines on 484 east and westbound do need repainted

A man who drives a commercial vehicle described County Road 484 between I-75 and Marion Oaks as "treacherous," saying the lanes "need to be repainted as soon as possible."

Police officers are above the law

"In reference to the deputy that caused the death of a bicyclist. The only consequence of his gross infraction of the law is a speeding ticket. He had no lights or siren, was going almost double the speed limit and was not responding to an emergency call" - An Ocala resident shares his thoughts on a recent verdict.

Villager loves Ocala, travels to city for ‘great dining experiences’

"Although I live in The Villages, if I want a great dining experience, I usually drive to Ocala" - A resident of The Villages who wrote in to name a few of her favorite places to eat in Ocala says she loves the city and its restaurants. What are your favorite places to eat in Ocala?

We asked AI ‘what is there to do in Ocala’

In a message to Ocala-News.com, a reader who asked Artificial Intelligence "what to do in Ocala" says he received a less-than-stellar response.

White lines need to be painted on CR 484

"The white lines for traffic are obsolete in the 484 corridor. I travel that route at nighttime, and the cars weave in and out of westbound and eastbound lanes, becoming very erratic" - An Ocala resident shares his opinion on traffic along County Road 484. Are there places around Ocala that you feel need better markings or traffic control devices?

Traffic in Ocala is horrible

"The traffic is horrible. Running red lights, speeding 15 to 20 mph over the limit." - A reader shares his thoughts on traffic in Ocala, saying he won't "dare to get on 200." Share your thoughts on the topic in a comment or a letter to the editor.

Ocala resident opines Zito Media has ‘no business’ offering internet services

In a letter to the editor, an Ocala resident alleges that he constantly experiences connectivity problems with his internet provider, Zito Media.

This Marion County intersection is a death trap

"Where U.S Route 40 intersects with U.S. Route 41, five miles north of Dunnellon, there is an accident almost every day. The traffic is ridiculous and impossible for residents to exit their neighborhood. The driveway of the catholic church, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, is a death trap for parishioners and the general public to access," says Dunnellon resident MaryJo Smith in a Letter to the Editor.

Where can I find a sour key lime pie?

"My parents had the best (sour) key lime pie they ever had on a cruise ship. The second best was in Key West. It seems everywhere else they’ve tried it, they’ve experienced sweet examples that aren’t nearly as sour. I live in Gainesville, but I’m willing to travel about an hour or slightly more if someone knows of a really sour key lime pie," says Matt Norris in a Letter to the Editor.

Traffic congestion and poor road conditions in Marion County

"I understand progress in the 484 corridor. I understand all the people going to work. I understand the only way to get large amounts of dirt, rocks, and products to job sites is with trucks, be it flatbed, dump, or any other. What I do not understand is why the county has not kept up with the traffic flow and the large, deep potholes!" says Ocala resident Taryn Lang in a Letter to the Editor.

Road congestion needs to be addressed

"Yes, major growth over the last decade, causing road congestion, needs addressing. Turning right on red is a major help, but so would be the yellow blinking arrows for left turns. They are implemented at a few areas, but aren't available at enough intersections. I've sat through many red lights with no oncoming traffic," says Ocala resident Joy Rumans in a Letter to the Editor.

How can we create County income for projects like a new animal shelter?

"We need a source of outside income to create the things we want in order to make Ocala/Marion County the best place to live in Florida. One way of creating outside income is to create an ice rink. Yes, the initial expense is a lot, but it will pay that back likely within 5 years as it is eligible for state and even federal funding. The money this will create can be spent on animal shelters and will have the ability to maintain them," says Ocala resident Marianne Mylan in a Letter to the Editor.