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Cleveland resident: Electric scooters are abandoned everywhere in our city

In a letter to the editor, a resident of Cleveland, Ohio warns Ocala residents of his city's negative experience with scooter rentals.

Downtown Ocala needs more handicap parking

In a letter to the editor, an Ocala resident says he believes that Downtown Ocala is in need of additional handicap parking.

Evicted Silver Springs man: I’m owed $15,000 from unemployment and now I’m homeless

"I have not had any income since January, been evicted from my apartment, and now I'm homeless. I'm owed roughly $15,000 from unemployment. Can someone help me please, I'm begging please?" - Chad Germab of Silver Springs details his struggles in a letter to the editor.

Parking garage safety is a problem

In a letter to the editor, an Ocala resident says that she believes the parking garage downtown is unsafe and too far from the shops for the elderly.

We don’t need electric scooter rentals, we need to start walking

Ocala resident Kay Voge believes electric scooter rentals are unnecessary and that more people should walk for exercise.

Lifelong Ocala resident says elderly cannot walk from parking garage

An Ocala resident who has lived in the city since 1948 says the city needs more parking on the Downtown Square to get elderly visitors.

Readers express mixed feelings about Ocala’s parking meters

Ocala-News.com readers expressed mixed feelings about Ocala’s parking meters in a collection of letters and comments submitted to the website.

Make out-of-state or county tags pay parking meters in Ocala

In a letter to the editor, a Summerfield resident suggests that parking meters only apply to out-of-state and county tags.

Get rid of Ocala parking meters to regain hometown feel

A resident that lives close to The Villages says the parking meters in Ocala take away from the home town feel that places like The Villages embrace.

We need supermarket, retail stores in northwest Ocala, not more gas stations

A resident of northwest Ocala for the past 16 years believes the area is in need of a supermarket and no more gas stations.

Bring health facilities, job training to west Ocala

In a letter to the editor, an Ocala resident hopes the city will consider bringing health facilities and job training to west Ocala instead of more liquor stores in the future.

West Ocala Developer: ‘Stop the madness’ of more liquor stores

A developer with hopes to bring new businesses to West Ocala believes the city should "stop the madness" when it comes to more liquor stores.

Ocala gas stations all offer the same thing

In a letter to the editor, an Ocala resident shares his opinion on the city approving the construction of additional gas stations, suggesting that one gas station offers the same services as the next.

There are two gas stations on every corner in Ocala

An Ocala resident believes that competition between large companies is driving the push for new business, not demand from residents. Read her thoughts in this letter to the editor.

Bring retail, restaurants and entertainment to Ocala

In a Letter to the Editor, an Ocala resident shares her opinion on what types of businesses should be built in the city in light of another resident's protest against more gas stations.

Please, no more gas stations, car washes

In a letter to the editor, an Ocala resident doesn't want to see another gas station, car wash, or auto/tire repair shop built in spots of the city with plenty of those businesses already in place.

Gas stations don’t hurt the city of Ocala

In a letter to the editor, an Ocala resident suggests that comments made by another resident regarding the number of gas stations in Ocala were out of line. Read his thoughts and share your own.

Solving Medical Billing Disputes

In a Letter to the Editor, Ocala resident Denise Strong, a registered nurse, offers a solution for costly medical billing disputes.

Just about every rifle built can be used for hunting

In a Letter to the Editor, an Ocala resident offers a counterpoint to the idea that certain guns are made to kill and not for hunting or self-defense.

Second Amendment Sanctuary

In a letter to the editor, Ocala resident Benny Vaughn shares an opinion on the recent decision by local government to declare Marion County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Letter to the Editor: Restaurants should be careful responding to failed health inspections

Damon Vitale, a Culinary Program Coordinator at Marion Technical College, offers advice to local restaurants on the proper response to a failed health inspection in a Letter to the Editor.

Letter to the Editor: My father-in-law was manager at Fat Boys Bar-B-Q in Crystal River

Joyce Leigh, resident of Ocala, offers advice to the owner of Fat Boys Bar-B-Q in a Letter to the Editor.

Letter to the Editor: Clean up Silver Springs

In a Letter to the Editor, Lori Peters of Silver Springs is concerned about her community.

Letter to the Editor: The local litter issue – a very real problem

In a Letter to the Editor, Lynn Radok of Silver Springs sees litter as more than a local issue.