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Ocala resident shares thoughts on drug trafficking sentences

"I noticed on January 17th that a local Ocala man was arrested and charged with trafficking methamphetamine and fentanyl. Given how deadly drugs like fentanyl are, I believe that a charge of attempted murder should be considered with appropriate punishment," says Ocala resident David Wagner in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident voices concerns on ‘aging governmental powers that be’

"Don’t be deceived by the difficult challenges that ‘we the people’ are experiencing daily. Aging governmental 'powers that be’ describe our improving national economy in glowing terms while boasting of stellar performance and having been able to remain in office till death or retirement (as multimillionaires thanks to personally enriching foreign/domestic conspirators and being privy to inside economic information)," says Ocala resident Sandra Keif in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident says insurance needs to be ‘federally revamped’

"All insurance needs to be federally revamped. Between the attorneys and their expenses, the suing and the frivolous lawsuits, homeowners, car insurance, and health insurance, we're all being screwed over by the insurance companies. There will be nothing left for us to retire on," says Ocala resident Kathleen Scarpati in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident weighs in on high property taxes, Amendment 11

"The practice of adding road 'assessments' to our tax bill (started in the mid 1980s) raises the danger of losing our homes to tax deeds by nearly doubling that tax. That should be illegal. How many seniors have lost their longtime home due to this cruel practice? To lose their home, after a lifetime of paying taxes on it, comes across as elder abuse," says Ocala resident Joy Rumans in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident asks for increased police presence on SW 60th Avenue to catch speeders

"I have contacted law enforcement concerning the speeding on SW 60th Avenue. The speed limit is 45 mph, and most people in big trucks and semis feel like this is the racetrack between Highway 27 and Highway 200. Homes rattle and pictures move on walls. I've clocked people doing 70 mph," says Ocala resident Kathleen Scarpati in a Letter to the Editor.

Dunnellon resident discusses impact of home sales in area on property taxes

"My parents live on the next property and pay $400, yet I paid $1,200 this year. When I asked why, I was told that the property taxes are being determined by the average home sales in the area. The tax office isn't even evaluating the properties in person - they are just going off home sales," says Dunnellon resident Joshua Thacker in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident shares thoughts on giving to others year-round, not just on Christmas

"The hype and crass greed around Christmas bugs me. I believe that you should be a giving person year-round, just as Jesus was. He didn't help others only once a year, and neither should we," says Belleview resident Michael Terrell in a Letter to the Editor.

Two Marion County residents share their thoughts on Christmas traditions

"We don't need presents and trees to celebrate Christmas. That has been something that has been passed down through the centuries by society. The real Christmas is in your heart and faith. We stopped celebrating Christmas years ago. Instead, we get together earlier in the year, have a good meal, and give presents only to the children," says Belleview resident Theresa Grimes in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident no longer wants to ‘go all out’ with Christmas gifts, decorations

"I took down my Christmas tree and all my decorations. I'm putting it in a bag and I'm going to donate it. This was my last Christmas of decorating. I will not be buying or accepting gifts next year. Only self-made gifts or plants, no store bought nonsense," says Ocala resident Helen Hannigan in a Letter to the Editor.

Silver Springs resident voices concerns on loud vehicles

"For over eight years, I have been complaining about the loud bass coming from vehicles during all hours of the day and night. Plus, I have been woken up over 100 times within those eight years, and three times since the law against it took effect on July 1, 2022," says Silver Springs resident Linda Meyers in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident says amount of traffic, speeders in Marion County is ‘insane’

"The amount of traffic and speeders in Marion County is insane. The cars, trucks, motorcycles, and delivery trucks speeding through here is unbelievable. We are waiting for one of them to come through the front of our home," says Ocala resident Vicki Briggs in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident wants more noise, speed enforcement on Ocala/Marion County roads

"When drivers enter south Baseline Road, they floor it. There are too many vehicles with no mufflers and too many vehicles playing music so loud that I have to turn my TV up. The solution is to have more hidden police cars in the area to catch them, along with bigger fines," says Ocala resident Larry Hyman in a Letter to the Editor.

Residents discuss traffic congestion, speeding on Ocala/Marion County’s roads

"I have been complaining about speeders for at least six or seven years with no results. I live on SW 129th Terrace Road, and it is so dangerous that I will not let my wife mow the grass by the road. We love law enforcement, but we're not a big fan of non-enforcement," says Dunnellon resident Chris Odom in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala resident voices concerns on waste and water

"I am very concerned about the waste and water. I'm not sure where the waste is going, and we already have a reduced water meter size. Water for lawns is also restricted. Where does it end?" says Ocala resident Bobby Nettles in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident reminding Marion County seniors of new property tax exemption for 2023

"Good news: the Marion County Board of County Commissioners adopted Amendment 11 this year. It's an exemption for low income seniors who are over 65, have an income under $32,000, and have lived in their homes (valued under $250,000) for 25-plus years. Call the property tax office to get on the mailing list for an application," says Ocala resident Joy Rumans in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident shares thoughts on growth, traffic issues in SW Ocala

"There are no sidewalks on SW 103rd Street Road, from SW College Road to SW 49th Avenue, on both sides of the street. Also, no golf cart paths that would really help retirees to get around - by not using their cars to access local businesses, it would very much help in the reduction of traffic problems," says Ocala resident Rico Loubriel in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident from Citrus County says area needs affordable homes, not ice rink

"Florida is third in the nation for homelessness. We need affordable homes for the thousands who work and can't afford rent, let alone food. An ice rink in Ocala/Marion County? Have we all lost our minds?" says Inverness resident Mary Schott in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident says Ocklawaha needs better internet service, more cellphone towers

"I moved to Ocklawaha a little over a year ago after being awarded a house for earning a purple heart in Iraq. It's a very beautiful home and area, but as a lot of the residents are saying, the only internet providers in my area are HughesNet (satellite) and CenturyLink (DSL), in which both of their services are terrible," says Ocklawaha resident James Lipscomb in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocklawaha resident says city needs better roads, internet service as community expands

"Ocklawaha is a good place to live in, but as the community expands, there needs to be better ways to commute to places. There is only one route that has to be taken to leave the area and it's by driving around Lake Weir. It takes about ten minutes just to go around the lake before you get to the main roads," says Ocklawaha resident Carmen Havel in a Letter to the Editor.

Marion County resident says ‘climate change hype is pushed by money and power’

"I don’t deny that the climate is changing, as it has done so for millions of years and will continue to do so. This climate change hype is pushed by money and power, not true climate scientists," says Reddick resident Jackie White in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident says Ocala/Marion County needs more entertainment options for children, families

"We need playgrounds geared towards older children and places where families can play tennis, racquetball, and other sports. The only tennis courts that are open to the public are limited. If we want our families to stay in the Marion County area, we need to target families with children between 10 and 15 years of age. Otherwise, once the children start driving, they are out of here," says Belleview resident Theresa Grimes in a Letter to the Editor.

Resident voices concerns on ‘dangerous speeders’ in southwest Ocala

"I contacted the city's road maintenance to see what we could do to get a three-way stop at SW 80th and SW 38th Avenue. I was told that we couldn’t have it because the requirement was that there had to be something like five accidents within a certain number of years to qualify, and we didn’t meet that requirement. I guess someone has to be seriously injured or killed before anything can be done," says Ocala resident Judy West in a Letter to the Editor.

Several residents say Ocala needs more entertainment options

"Let's bring back the pride of the town, county, and state. I know there isn't much for kids to do in town, so an ice skating rink would be a great addition, as well as a skate park and a place for kids to dance and socialize, all in the same place. That way it could be monitored so illegal activities could be controlled," says Ocala resident Patricia Herrmann in a Letter to the Editor.

Ocala teenager asks for climate action

"As a teenager in Ocala, I’m shocked that we’re now able to see the direct effects of our carelessness in real time. Natural disasters are hitting us one after another. Our temperatures are hitting record highs and record lows. According to research, almost half of our planet’s vital signs are code red. No matter how severe, these are all warnings that we are receiving from our panicking earth," says Ocala resident Esperance Han in a Letter to the Editor.