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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor submitted by local residents of Ocala and surrounding areas. Submissions from users of to express their opinions on topical issues and events in Ocala, Marion County, and surrounding areas.

Letter to the Editor: Restaurants should be careful responding to failed health inspections

Damon Vitale, a Culinary Program Coordinator at Marion Technical College, offers advice to local restaurants on the proper response to a failed health inspection in a Letter to the Editor.

Letter to the Editor: My father-in-law was manager at Fat Boys Bar-B-Q in Crystal...

Joyce Leigh, resident of Ocala, offers advice to the owner of Fat Boys Bar-B-Q in a Letter to the Editor.
739 E. Silver Springs Blvd.

Letter to the Editor: Clean up Silver Springs

In a Letter to the Editor, Lori Peters of Silver Springs is concerned about her community.

Letter to the Editor: The local litter issue – a very real problem

In a Letter to the Editor, Lynn Radok of Silver Springs sees litter as more than a local issue.
Chazal Park in Ocala, Florida

Letter to the Editor: Before it’s too late

While it shouldn't, it doesn't require a college degree to identify and understand the disturbing, unrelenting and most importantly, the spreading trend in Marion...
Yamaha golf cart

Letter to the Editor: Golf Carts? Get real.

Ocala will never cease to amaze me. Instead of trying to promote real and permanant economic growth within the community via affordable housing, our...

Ocala can be a real nice town, just needs cleaning

In a letter to the editor, Ocala resident Stephen Mazak, who moved to the city this year, shares his thoughts on the city. Read more and share your letters to the editor with us.
Ocala Golf Cart Club

Letter to the Editor: Keep golf carts in gated community, not public streets

I think not unless it is kept in a gated community and not on the public streets. People can't even use turn signals properly...

Dr. Johnson utters mistruths about fluoride science

A Levittown woman, in a letter to the editor, says it's time to throw fluoridation on the heap of health advice gone badly.
Marion County, Florida seal

Inconsistencies regarding the Marion County Homeless Council budget comments

After inconsistencies were stated by Commissioner Michelle Stone regarding the Marion County Homeless Council during the BOCC meeting on Tuesday, I sent this email...