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Wild Waters meant something to this community

"We have been begging for a water park since the state destroyed Wild Waters at Silver Springs. A petition with over 12,000 signatures exists, begging the powers that be to save it, or replace it, or value it as a part of Ocala’s heritage. It fell on deaf ears. Wild Waters meant the world to those lucky enough to experience it" - Ocala resident Karin Ahrman shares her opinion, saying her family misses the Wild Waters theme park that closed its doors nearly five years ago.

The town that Marion County forgot

"We had been told that our dirt roads would soon be paved and maybe some sidewalks and streetlights. A few years later after No Improvements, the county told us we were now in a Blight Area and if we ever collect any extra tax, it would be used only in this area. The only time we ever saw our county commissioner was in the paper opening up all the new roads and housing areas in the West End" - Ronald Baldwin, who has lived in Silver Springs for over 40 years, shares his opinion in a letter to the editor. Share your comments and letters with us.

Ocala residents write more letters requesting Costco

"It seems that it is a moot point to keep begging for a Costco here in Ocala. I just don’t understand the reasons for not getting one. I know the population could more than sustain the business. Someone help me understand please!" - Ocala residents have flooded Ocala-News.com with dozens of letters in recent weeks regarding their desire to see a Costco move into the area.

Southwest Ocala needs bakery, Chick-fil-A, water park

A resident of southwest Ocala says she'd like to see a "mom and pop" bakery, a Chick-fil-A, a water park, and infrastructure funds for roads come in her area. Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.

Do not touch the Ocala National Forest or Silver Springs

The forest and springs are special both for their history and wildlife. Don’t believe developer talking points about "green areas" and not destroying these areas. Their green areas are dollar bills" - Reddick resident Jackie White shares an opinion about development in the Ocala National Forest and Silver Springs areas. What are your thoughts? Share them in a letter to the editor.

Help our community get a Costco for our ‘ever-growing population’

"I have written Costco on several occasions and have never received a response. My husband and I have been Executive Members of Costco since 2005. It's a shame that if we buy on-line, we are charged a delivery fee if we purchase only one item" - Like many others, Ocala resident Donna Cottrell shares her opinion about wanting to see Costco build a location in Ocala.

Ocala National Forest resident says she moved there to ‘get away’ from businesses

"If a person can't be satisfied with shopping at Winn Dixie, going to the doctors and optometrist out here, or they don't like our barber, they can drive to town. This should have been a consideration before they moved out here" - Ocala National Forest resident Colleen O'Brien shares her thoughts in a letter to the editor.

I wish there was a public park in my part of Marion County

"I wish there was a public park in my part of the County! I A pocket park near 326, West of US 27 would be greatly appreciated. This is a gorgeous part of Marion County" - In letters to the editor, Morriston resident Wendy Thurow and northwest Ocala resident Kathy Anaya would like to see a park built in their part of Marion County. Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.

Charge enough in impact fees and taxes to sustain population growth

"I think if the city or county governments charged enough in impact fees and taxes, we would have the monies to build the infrastructure to accommodate all the growth we are experiencing" - John Lazaruis shares his opinion in a letter to the editor. Share your thoughts in a letter or comment below.

Vacant lot behind Sam’s Club would make good homeless village

"There are electric hookups still there and it would be a good place for tiny houses or such to house the homeless. That lot has been vacant for a long time and could be put to good use" - Ocala resident Anna Rogers shares her opinion about a vacant lot behind Sam's Club in Ocala that she says would make a good location for a homeless village. Share your opinions in a letter to the editor.

Early Florida residents would laugh at today’s people

"People make choices as to where they purchase or rent their habitat. Complaining about a long travel time is admitting to not having done their own homework before selecting where they are going to stay. I wonder what the early residents of Marion County would say if they could read the complaining of today's people about extra 20 minutes it took to go 20 miles" - Ocala Resident Jeff Rice shares his thoughts. Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.

If you don’t like Silver Springs Shores, move to S.R. 200

"People do not need to drive 25 miles for anything in Ocala. I live in Silver Springs Shores and my doctor is only four miles away. Downtown is maybe seven miles. We don't need growth, so please stop this insanity" - Silver Springs Shores resident Margie Stoll shares her opinion about future development across the area. What are your thoughts?

Cleveland resident: We have been visiting Ocala for 30 years because of Silver Springs

"One thing that we love to do is take their boat out to Silver Springs and see the wildlife. Just last week, we saw two manatees and several alligators and an abundance of turtles. It is just beautiful and serene going down the springs taking it all in. We do not have this in Cleveland and it is a joy to see. Some things are best left unchanged. Don’t add retail. It would be a shame to mess with nature" - Cleveland resident Tracey Wilson shares her thoughts about the eco-tourism spectacle that is Silver Springs Park.

Put traffic lights back in Downtown Ocala

"I have sat at Harry's and watched multiple cars run the stop signs, not even a pause and go. I have stopped going south on Magnolia also on the opposite corner for the same reason. After a few close calls, I take the long way to work" - Ocala resident Geraldine Blanton shares her opinion that traffic lights should be brought back to intersections in downtown Ocala. What are your thoughts?

Ocala resident says Marion County Commissioners don’t care about school capacity, they want to ‘build, build, build’

The commissioners were set to vote on a 320 home development in NE Ocala when a citizen commented that the nearby elementary school was already at max capacity. Marion County Commissioner Carl Zalak abruptly responded that it wasn't the commission's problem, it was the school system's problem. I really don't think the Marion County Commissioners care about schools at capacity, inadequate infrastructure, etc. They are sadly of the attitude of build, build, build" - Ocala resident Vicky Ramsey shares her opinion about the commission. What are your thoughts? Share them in a letter to the editor or comment below.

Start a village for homeless with tiny homes constructed by Habitat for Humanity

"I was thinking what a great place to start a village for the homeless. All the power, septic and water is already in place. Tiny homes could be constructed by the Habitat for Humanity. It is fenced for security and could be a gated community of sorts" - Morrison resident Carolyn Tanner speaks about her desire to see a village built for the homeless through the help of multiple organizations and the county government.

20-year resident says speed bumps on NE 11th Avenue are there for a reason

"I've been driving NE 11th Avenue for almost 20 years. The speed bumps slow traffic for neighborhood children walking to Wyomina Elementary School because 11th Avenue is a direct connection from Silver Springs Boulevard to NE 14 Street. Before the speed humps were installed, lots of cars were traveling at speeds in excess of 50 mph" - Ocala resident Elizabeth Bailey shares her response to another resident's opinion that the speed bumps needed to be removed.

Ocklawaha resident says area needs change in retail options

"It’s 25 miles to Silver Springs. Let’s make some changes and keep the money in the area" - Ocklawaha resident Becky Combs writes in to to share her opinion on the current state of grocers, retailers, and restaurants in the Ocklawaha area. Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.

Wildwood resident says parking when visiting Ocala ‘has become a problem’

"I’m an 82-year-old architect who loves to lunch at Ivy House and Harry’s. Parking has become a problem. A valet service would be a good idea for us elderly patrons who can’t walk long distances" - Wildwood resident Jacqueline Larsen speaks to her experience visiting Ocala. Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.

Ocala resident says solution for homeless isn’t to ‘stick them in a building’

"What condition are the buildings in? Who is going to pay to keep the buildings clean? Is the plumbing in working order? Does the roof leak? Who is going to pay the electric bill? The cold hard reality is the people who are homeless can’t. The solution to just stick them in a building with out these questions answered first, isn’t good." - Ocala resident Ann Tucker shares her thoughts on a recent letter to the editor that suggested using aging buildings across Marion County to house the homeless.

Traffic lights removed in downtown Ocala need to be put back

"The traffic lights that were taken down in the downtown area need to be put back up! Every time I have to drive on the streets in the downtown area, I worry that I will get in an accident" - Ocala resident Pat Savage cites right-of-way confusion in why the city should consider reimplementing traffic lights in downtown Ocala. Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.

Schools already at max capacity, can’t handle additional homes

"Why are they building all these homes on SW 60th plus developing all the new homes in the area of SW 60th, SW 38th and SW 80th, when West Port, and all the other schools, are already at max capacity?" - Nancy Castro of southwest Ocala shares her thoughts on new residential development in that area of the city. Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.

Ocala National Forest, Silver Springs area residents have been underserved for decades

"I think it's very unfair for the thousands of Ocala National Forest and Silver Springs residents to be forced to travel 25+ miles for all services including dental, optical, medical, and any big box stores" - Peggy Ann Soucy, a social worker in Marion County for 23 years, says that she has seen "zero enhancement" to the Silver Springs area since she worked there in the late 1980s. Share your thoughts with a letter to the editor.

New Marion County Government Center is long overdue

"I think it is long overdue. We need to get a new Marion County Government Center that is up to date with the large growth that we are having in Marion County. We don't want to reach a point that the government center is obsolete" - Dunnellon resident Amir Enzer shares his thoughts on the county potentially building a new government center. Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.