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Monday, June 14, 2021



Beautiful Sunset At Ocala International Airport

Enjoy this beautiful orange sunset at the Ocala International Airport. Thanks to Lucy Diaz for sharing!

Turtle Heading For The Green At Ocala Preserve

This turtle was heading for the green at Ocala Preserve. Thanks to Loretta Holscher for sharing!

Beautiful Rainbow Over World Equestrian Center In Ocala

This beautiful rainbow appeared after some much-needed rain at the World Equestrian Center. Thanks to Maria Criscuolo for sharing!

Colorful Late Spring Sunset At Marion Oaks

Check out this colorful late spring sunset at Marion Oaks in Ocala. Thanks to Sal Di Domenico for sharing!

Cattle Egret Catching A Toad

Patience on a rainy day paid off for this cattle egret that caught a frog for a snack. Thanks to Nancy Stephens for sharing!

Beautiful Drive Through Horse Country In Ocala

It was a beautiful drive through horse country in Ocala. Thanks to Kimberly for sharing!

Beautiful Sunset Over Dunnellon Farmland

Check out this beautiful sunset over Dunnellon farmland. Thanks to Juan Cardona for sharing!

Beautiful Sunrise From Porch In Belleview

Check out this beautiful sunrise view from a porch in Belleview. Thanks to Michael K for sharing!

Red-Shouldered Hawk In Flight In Ocala

This juvenile red-shouldered hawk was in flight after leaving the ground where he was eating in Southeast Ocala. Thanks to Martha Varney for sharing!

Male Bluebird Protecting Nest

This male bluebird was protecting the nesting area as he flew directly at the camera. Thanks to Martha Varney for sharing!

Hawk In Bird Bath In Marion Oaks

This hawk was looking for a quick drink from this bird bath in Marion Oaks. Thanks to Sal Di Domenico for sharing!

Sunsetting Skies Over SummerGlen Community In Ocala

Look at the spectacular sunsetting skies over the SummerGlen Community in Ocala. Thanks to Terrie Bauman for sharing!

Afternoon Moon Over Marion Oaks

Check out this view of the moon over Marion Oaks taken one afternoon. Thanks to Sal Di Domenico for sharing!

View Of Moon From North Ocala

Check out this amazing view of the moon taken from the North Ocala area. Thanks to Sarah Harris for sharing!

Chasing The Moon In Belleview

Check out this super flower blood moon lunar eclipse captured in Belleview. Thanks to Kevin Robert for sharing!

Lunar Eclipse Over Western Marion County

Check out this early morning lunar eclipse over western Marion County. Thanks to Brain Richards for sharing!

Beautiful Sunset At Welaka Lodge On The St. Johns River

Check out this beautiful sunset at the Welaka Lodge on the St. John's River. Thanks to Theresa VanBuren for sharing!

Beautiful Flowering Lantanas In Summerfield

Check out these awesome flowering lantanas in a Summerfield backyard. They're great for butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Thanks to Sylvia Wooten for sharing!

Stop And Smell The Flowers

This was Mia's first walk in the flowers. She took the time to stop and take in their beauty here in Ocala. Thanks to Mandie Grant for sharing!

Reflection Of Sunset In Ocala Window

Check out the reflection of the sunset in this window in Ocala. Thanks to Deborah Pietzak for sharing!

Mirror At Silver Springs State Park

The river acted as a mirror of the beautiful tree line at Silver Springs State Park. Thanks to Carissa Yale for sharing!

Patriotic Falcon In Ocala

This falcon landed on a flag in the early evening in Fairfield Village in Ocala. The bird stayed there for about 10 minutes. Thanks to Theresa Forshee for sharing!

Ladybug In Ocala Shrub

This ladybug was spotted in a shrub in front of an Ocala home. Thanks to William Schmautz for sharing!

Sunset From Hilton Ocala

This sunset view was from the parking lot at the Hilton Ocala off of SR 200. Thanks to Doug Donley for sharing!