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Sunday, August 7, 2022



Atlas V Rocket Launch Over Stone Creek In Ocala

Check out this view of the Atlas V rocket launch as seen from Stone Creek in Ocala. Thanks to Charles Duncan for sharing!

Sunrise Reflected On Lake At Ocala Preserve

The glow of the sunrise was beautifully reflected on the 7-acre lake at Ocala Preserve. Thanks to Kim Knapp for sharing!

Heat Lightning Over Marion Landing In Ocala

Heat lightning from a distant thunderstorm lights up the night sky in this photograph taken from Marion Landing in Ocala. Thanks to Craig Goodwill for sharing!

Demonstrators Participating In Women’s Rights Rally At Ocala Downtown Square

These demonstrators were participants in a Women's Rights Rally at the Ocala Downtown Square. Thanks to Allie Lopez for sharing!

Horse Grazing At Salt Water Stables In NW Ocala

This horse enjoyed grazing during this blissful afternoon at Salt Water Stables in NW Ocala. Thanks to Maria Shahi for sharing!

Double Rainbow Over Silver Springs Shores

Check out this beautiful double rainbow that formed over Silver Springs Shores after a recent storm. Thanks to Kiana Cruz for sharing!

Pro-Choice Demonstrator In Downtown Ocala

This demonstrator was one of many in Saturday's Pro-Choice rally in downtown Ocala. Thanks to Allie Lopez for sharing!

Beautiful Rainbow Over SE Hwy. 42 In Ocala

The beautiful rainbow formed over SE Hwy. 42 in Ocala. Thanks to Nestor Garcia for sharing!

Beautiful Cloud Formation Over Belleview

Check out this beautiful cloud formation spotted in the sky over Belleview. Thanks to Bruce Cerny for sharing!

Sunshine Through The Clouds At Ocala International Airport

Beautiful rays of sunshine were shining through the clouds after a summer shower over Ocala International Airport. Thanks to James Gavidia for sharing!

Beautiful Evening At Lake Diamond Golf & Country Club In Ocala

It was a beautiful evening at the Lake Diamond Golf & Country Club as the sun was setting overhead. Thanks to Kathleen Berning for sharing!

Canadian Geese Swimming In Pond At Winding Oaks Farm In Ocala

These Canadian geese were taking a swim at sunrise in a pond at Winding Oaks Farm in Ocala. Thanks to Wendy Melnyk for sharing!

Ocala From The Sky

Check out this amazing view of Ocala from the sky, taken on a recent “Discovery Flight” at Ocala Aviation Services. This is where you have the opportunity to see if getting your pilot’s license is for you. Thanks to Andrea Proeber for sharing her awesome experience!

Colorful Sunrise In Ocala’s Summerglen Community

Check out the beautiful display of colors in this sunrise over Ocala's Summerglen Community. Thanks to Terrie Bauman for sharing!

Beautiful Sunrise On Stone Creek Golf Club In Ocala

Enjoy this beautiful sunrise on the Stone Creek Golf Club in Ocala. Thanks to Candi Arnesen for sharing!

Perfect Rainbow In Ocala Over Fore Ranch And Hunt Club

Check out this perfect rainbow that formed minutes before a powerful microburst rain hit Hunt Club and Fore Ranch in Ocala. Thanks to Floyd Jankowski for sharing!

Florida Panther In Ocklawaha Backyard

Check out the size of this Florida panther captured on camera in an Ocklawaha backyard. Thanks to Joe Gulizio for sharing!

Another Pro-Choice Rally Held In Downtown Ocala

Another pro-choice rally was held on Saturday in downtown Ocala. Thanks to Hayley Jackson for sharing!

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird In Flight In Ocala

This ruby-throated hummingbird was spotted enjoying nectar from a flower in Ocala. Thanks to Barbara Anello for sharing!

Fourth Of July Roe v. Wade Protest In Ocala

Here's another view of demonstrators protesting against the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade that took place in downtown Ocala on the July 4th weekend. Thanks to Madison Koone for sharing!

Beautiful Sunrise Over Belleview Pasture

It was a beautiful sight as the morning sunrise blanketed this Belleview pasture in a golden light. Thanks to Carmen Ramos for sharing!

Beautiful Double Rainbow After Storm In Oxford

Check out this beautiful double rainbow that formed over Oxford after a storm. Thanks to Viki Anderson for sharing!

Beautiful Sunset After Storm Over Dunnellon Pasture

Check out this beautiful sunset that appeared after a storm over a pasture in Dunnellon. Thanks to Jeff Branning for sharing!

Women’s Reproductive Rights Demonstration In Downtown Ocala

This was the scene at a recent demonstration for women's reproductive rights that took place in Downtown Ocala. Thanks to Daniel Brumbaugh for sharing!