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Wednesday, May 31, 2023



Turtles on the Silver River

These turtles were hanging out on a log on the beautiful Silver River in Ocala. Thanks to Linda Moore for sharing!

Sunflower in Western Marion County

Two different species of bee were sharing this sunflower in western Marion County. Thanks to Chuck Booher for sharing!

Golden sunset over Summerglen

Check out this beautiful golden sunset over Ocala's Summerglen community. Thanks to Terrie Bauman for sharing!

Barred owl practicing for No-Shave November

This barred owl in Ocala was practicing for No-Shave November a few months early. Thanks to Kay Sagal-Brasoveanu for sharing!

Full moon shining over Reddick

Check out this full moon shining over Reddick, as photographed from W Hwy 329. Thanks to Esau Giron for sharing!

Lightning above Marion Oaks

This awesome lightning photo was taken during a big rain storm above Marion Oaks. Thanks to Kayla Bacon for sharing!

Eastern bluebird making a nest in Silver Springs Shores backyard

This eastern bluebird was making a nest in a bird house in Silver Springs Shores. Thanks to Dalisa Febres for sharing!

Diving deep into Salt Springs Recreation Area

Check out this deep dive into one of our three aquifers that push up 52 million gallons of clean water into our national springs every day here at Salt Springs. Thanks to Sierra McDonald for sharing!

Sandhill cranes looking for worms in Belleview

This pair of sandhill cranes were on the hunt for worms in Belleview. Thanks to Kathleen Coyne for sharing!

Daily visit from woodpecker in Spruce Creek North

This red-bellied woodpecker loves to stop by each day and peck on the gutters at the home of a reader in Spruce Creek North. Thanks to Nancy Southworth for sharing!

Beautiful sunset in Rolling Hills

Check out this beautiful sunset view taken in front of 140th Avenue at the Rolling Hills community in Ocala. Thanks to Kathya Harper for sharing!

Amazing sunrise near Summercrest in Ocala

This morning's sunrise looked amazing from SE 92nd Place Road near Ocala's Summercrest community. Thanks to Bertaliz Febres for sharing!

Snake on bird feeder in Belleview

This snake was paying a visit to a bird feeder in a Belleview yard. Thanks to Theresa Dambrose for sharing!

Sunsetting sky over Ocala’s Summerglen Community

Check out these intriguing clouds in the evening sunsetting sky above Ocala's Summerglen Community. Thanks to Terrie Bauman for sharing!

Moon shining over Ocala

The moon was shining over the Olive Garden restaurant on College Road. Thanks to Randi Sava for sharing!

Sun peeking through storm clouds at Oak Run in Ocala

The clouds and sunset created a beautiful March evening at Oak Run in Ocala. Thanks to Maria Criscuolo for sharing!

Dinner time for squirrel at Double Diamond Farm in Ocala

This male fox squirrel got caught munching on a nut just before dark at Double Diamond Farm in Ocala. Thanks to Brian Richards for sharing!

Full moon rising over Ocala National Forest

This is how big and gorgeous the full moon was upon rising Friday night in the Ocala National Forest. Thanks to Leilah Ward for sharing!

Juvenile Woodpecker In Spruce Creek North

This juvenile woodpecker was enjoying a morning snack in Spruce Creek North. Thanks to Nancy Southworth for sharing!

Otters Enjoying Breakfast At Salt Springs Recreation Area

This mother otter and her babies were out enjoying a blue crab for breakfast at Salt Springs Recreation Area. Thanks to Sierra McDonald for sharing!

Beautiful Field Of Flowers By Ocala Horse Pasture

Check out this gorgeous field of blooming flowers near an Ocala horse pasture. Thanks to Becky Mourgas for sharing!

Female Northern Cardinal At Silver Springs Shores

This female northern cardinal was visiting a backyard in Silver Spring Shores in Ocala. Thanks to Dalisa Febres for sharing!

Sandhill Crane Family Visiting Live Oak Village

This mother and father sandhill crane and their baby have been strolling through Live Oak Village in Silver Springs Shores every day. Thanks to Ida Bach for sharing!

Hawk Looking For Meal In Salt Springs Village

This red-shouldered hawk was scouting out dinner in Salt Springs Village. Thanks to Jane Scherf for sharing!