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Dorothy Deming

Dorothy Deming had a passion for serving others and worked in the restaurant industry for over 30 years as a Chef/Kitchen Manager.

Peggy Jean Slaton

Peggy Slaton worked for a cleaning service for many years in Manhattan, New York.

Diana Studer

Diana Studer passed away June 4, eight days after her husband, Michael.

Michael Studer

Michael Studer passed away May 27, eight days before his wife, Diana.

Diane White-Parker

Diane White Parker learned seven languages and used them throughout her careers in real estate sales and teaching.

Sandra Nell Neel

Sandra Neel was a teacher who retired from the Marion County Public School System in 2009.

Stephen David Dukes

Stephen Dukes was an avid outdoorsman, played softball, an artist and guitarist and seemed to always have a story to tell.

Mae Eva Barber

Mae Barber was an educator in several Florida communities, retiring in 1982. She was a lifelong active member of Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, served in the choir and participated in various church activities.

Marvin Lester Sheppard

Marvin Sheppard owned and operated Sheppard Well Drilling.

Joseph A. Collins

Joe Collins moved to Ocala in the 1980's from West Palm Beach, FL.  He was a truck driver for the past 40 years.

Thelma Jean Underwood

While in Ocala, Thelma Underwood first worked at the Kash n' Karry food stores arranging flowers in the floral department, from there she was a bookkeeper for the Acapella water company, and then she went to Sparr Building and Farm Supply Company.

Damian David Mikel Martinez

Damian Martinez went to high school at Lake Weir High and graduated in 2015. He enjoyed taking and editing photographs.

Ramon Narvaez

Ramon Narvaez was a production line worker for Fedders Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Helene Elise Hoyt

Helene Hoyt was a homemaker and enjoyed frequenting amusement parks with her children. 

Ruth Ellen Ford

The spouse of an Air Force veteran, Ruth Ford lived abroad for many years, traveling the world.

Mildred Archie

Mildred Archie passed away on June 7, 2021.

William W. Allan, Jr.

In 1972, Bill Allan moved his family to Ocala, where he and his wife, Caryann, helped start Ocala Christian Academy. After a short stint with OCA, he purchased OakCrest Hardware in NE Ocala and he and his sons started Allan Quality Fence.

Carol J. Mammana

Carol Mammana was a homemaker and a chiropractic assistant to her husband for 10 years.

Benjamin Carrasquillo Jr.

Ben Carrasquillo loved working on cars, playing basketball, video games, feeling the blast of music beats, and spending the time with his family.

Deborah Anne Moore

Renovating and remodeling her homes were a passion for Debbie Moore. She enthusiastically reached out and helped people and took many under her caring wings. She had a soft spot and gentle heart for animals.

Otto Reyes

Otto Reyes -- known as “Ottoman” -- loved music. Music was his life and never started his day without a song in his heart and a beat on his mixer.

Robert (Bob) Dean Good

Bob Good enjoyed spending time with friends and family fishing; camping; boating and strolling through parks and flea markets around Central Florida.

Carol Lawrence Moshier

Carol Moshier was an avid golfer and won many trophies at Ocala Muni. She has served as secretary both at the 9-hole division and the Ocala Women’s Gold Association.

Kobe Jeremiah Bradshaw

Kobe Bradshaw enjoyed playing the drums and was the church drummer for many years. He played MCYFL Football for the Jaguars, Ocala Pride, also Junior and Senior Colts and the Wolfpack.