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Kevin Michael Davis

Kevin Davis loved Jesus, read the Bible often, sought to understand God’s word, and witnessed to those he met. He was known as a generous man who would give away the shirt on his back.

Geneva Louise Straight

Geneva Straight loved to sit outside on her porch garden with her coloring books and Wordfind puzzles.

Sandy Lynn Ashman

Sandy Ashman cherished a free-spirited life with a significant love for animals and nature, particularly for plants and flowers.

Edward Leja

Edward Leja was a proud veteran of the U.S. Air Force, and enjoyed golfing and working around his farm.

Shirley Ann Wilks Flaherty

Shirley Flaherty enjoyed pursuing her passions for antique collecting, art, drawing, reading, writing, hiking and travel. Most of all, she enjoyed spending time with her family.

Julius T Hodges

Julius Hodges will be deeply missed by his friends and family. He left a legacy of love that will continue to illuminate the lives of family and friends in the darkest of hours.

Bradley A. Lipphardt

Bradley Lipphardt preferred quiet time at home, and he enjoyed guns, fast cars, and video games.

Luke Thomas Strickland

Luke Strickland was a loving and devoted husband. He will be missed by his friends and family.

Elizabeth McCue

Elizabeth McCue enjoyed reading, crafting and quilting.

Kevin Leroy Phillips

Kevin Phillips was a proud member of the U.S. Air Force. He enjoyed boating, and fishing.

Joseph Eugene O’Brien

Joseph O'Brien was an avid reader, a master bridge player, and a music lover. He enjoyed his On Top of the World community, and visits by his grand dog were the highlight of his day.

Cathalene London

Cathalene London enjoyed caring for others, staying in touch with family, thrifting, music and worship.

Mary R. Jones

Mary Jones will be deeply missed by her friends and loved ones.

Eric McDonald

Eric McDonald leaves behind a legacy remembered by family and friends. He will be missed by his loved ones.

Steven S. Tousignant

Steven Tousignant loved to fly, watch his son learn to play the guitar, and living the Jimmy Buffet lifestyle in Florida.

Mary Rizzuto

Mary Rizzuto enjoyed getting together with family and friends. She looked forward to attending church on Sundays and going out to eat.

Sarah Kee

Sarah Kee enjoyed golf, traveling, outings, and attending her church. She was loved and cherished by all who knew her, especially her family.

Young Joseph Simmons III

Young Simmons III loved bicycling around town and on the mountain bike trails in the area. Joe was adventurous, fearless, smart, witty, knowledgeable, and loved a good debate.

Anijah Leonna Taylor

Anijah Taylor loved mother nature and earth itself. Taylor was a mother before anything, she loved her son and family dearly.

John Arthur Russell

John Russell enjoyed being a pilot and he owned a Cessna airplane. He also enjoyed camping in a motor home and traveled all over the country camping.

Richard Gregory Snyder

Richard Snyder enjoyed fishing, hunting, tennis and watching baseball. He gained the most pleasure in teaching his children and grandchildren life skills.

Kayla Norma Rose Graham

Kayla Graham was avid collector and gamer, finding joy in everyday objects and playing board and video games with family and friends.

Richard Bruce Hauser

Richard Hauser was a loving husband and father. He will be deeply missed by his loved ones and friends.

Jamie Campbell

Jamie Campbell enjoyed spending time with and spoiling her grandchildren.