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Breaking news and alerts on crime, police reports, and law enforcement press releases in Ocala, FL and Marion County, FL.

Ocala man who called 911 ends up behind bars after drugs found in book...

An Ocala man who called 911 found himself behind bars on Monday afternoon.

Ocala man accused of waking up woman and battering her

An Ocala man with a lengthy rap sheet was arrested early Monday after he allegedly woke up a woman and battered her in her bedroom.

Unruly passenger accused of threatening sheriff’s deputy during traffic stop

An Apopka man was arrested recently after he allegedly threatened a Marion County sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop in Ocala.

Tennessee man forcibly stopped from entering I-75 wrong way after high-speed pursuit

A Tennessee man who fled from a variety of law enforcement officers and had to be forcibly stopped from entering Interstate 75 the wrong way is behind bars in the Marion County Jail.

Violent tussle over bus stop duty in front of kids lands Ocala woman behind...

A nasty tiff in front of her children over who would take them to a bus stop landed an Ocala woman behind bars last week.

Ocala man popped with $99.19 worth of stolen groceries while leaving Wal-Mart

A 35-year-old Ocala man was jailed last week after being accused of stealing groceries from a local Wal-Mart.

Marion sheriff seeks help nabbing bandits causing issues around Coehadjoe Park

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in identifying two thieves who were causing problems around Coehadjoe Park in Ocala recently.

Three teens jailed after senior citizen viciously beaten following vehicle burglary

Three teenagers were arrested Sunday after a senior citizen in Ocala was attacked following a vehicle burglary.

18-year-old nabbed after admitting to helping girl run away from home

A Dunnellon High School student was jailed last week after it was determined that he helped a 17-year-old girl run away from home.

Ocala woman jailed after tangling with scratched-up man friend after he lost job

An Ocala woman found herself behind bars last week after a nasty battle about money with her scratched-up man friend shortly after he was laid off.

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