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Marion County Jail inmate charged with manslaughter after jail fight

A Marion County Jail inmate was arrested for manslaughter after he got into a physical altercation with another inmate. After punching the other inmate, the victim fell, struck his head on the cement floor, was transported to the hospital, and later succumbed to the injuries.

Silver Springs man allegedly shoots at neighbor’s home, fires shotgun at deputy

A Silver Springs man allegedly fired multiple shots at a neighbor's home. When a deputy knocked on his door, he fired a shotgun at the front door, and later surrendered after an hour-long standoff. The deputy was unharmed, and the man later claimed he was firing at "Mexicans," not at the deputy.

Ocala woman allegedly steals from local convenience store, slaps deputy

An Ocala woman was arrested after allegedly stealing numerous items from a local convenience store. When the deputy arrived, she refused to be placed in handcuffs and slapped the deputy on the head. She was forced to the ground and the deputy used pepper spray to finally secure her wrists inside the handcuffs.

Five Ocala residents arrested, one at large, after allegedly defrauding $22,000 from local bank

Five Ocala residents were arrested for organized fraud, and a sixth is currently at large, after more than $22,000 was defrauded from a local bank. They allegedly opened bank accounts, deposited multiple counterfeit checks via mobile deposit, and the money was withdrawn before the bank could detect the fraud.

Ocala man arrested, charged with murder in connection to October fatal shooting

An Ocala man was arrested and is facing a felony murder charge in connection to a fatal shooting that occurred on October 26 at the 3800 block of SE 95th Street in Ocala.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office seeking information on shooting near Club Rush

On November 26 at around 2 a.m., a man was shot in the parking lot of Club Rush in Ocala, and detectives believe that someone in the area may have witnessed the shooting or the events that led up to it. If anyone has any information, please call Detective Miller at 352-369-6806.

Reddick man arrested after carrying gun, ammo without concealed license

A Reddick man was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon without a license after a deputy found a gun and ammunition inside the man's fanny pack. The man had been spotted by the deputy walking through a RaceTrac parking lot.

Ocala man allegedly enters truck, steals tools from local business

An Ocala man was arrested after allegedly entering a truck and stealing tools from Evolution Electric Vehicles located at 3420 SW 7th Street in Ocala.

Ocala man arrested after K-9 deputy smells drugs inside vehicle

An Ocala man with a suspended driver's license was pulled over after allegedly brake checking in front of numerous vehicles. A K-9 deputy detected the presence of drugs inside the vehicle, and a bag of methamphetamine and a glass tube were found inside.

Ocala man punches co-worker, knocks out several teeth

An Ocala man was arrested after punching a co-worker and knocking out several of the victim's teeth. The man was smiling and laughing during the police interview and admitted to shoving and punching the victim.

Belleview Man arrested after attempting to steal sweatpants, t-shirt from Walmart

A Belleview man was arrested after attempting to steal sweatpants and a t-shirt from the Walmart located at 2600 Southwest 19th Avenue Road in Ocala. The security camera showed him shoving sweatpants into a bag, and an unpaid t-shirt was later located in the front of his underwear.

Ocala man allegedly swallows cocaine during traffic stop

An Ocala man was arrested after cocaine was found inside his vehicle during a traffic stop for driving with a suspended license. The man allegedly attempted to swallow some of the cocaine prior to being pulled over, and when he later threw up at the jail, cocaine was found inside his vomit.

Ocala man drags woman down Courtyard Marriott hallway

An Ocala man dragged a woman down a Courtyard Marriott hallway by her legs during an altercation before leaving the scene prior to the arrival of an officer. He was later spotted walking along College Road and was arrested.

Ocala woman punches police officer during hospital visit

An Ocala woman was arrested after punching an officer multiple times at the hospital. She was arrested earlier in the day, complained of chest pains, and when the officer started to remove the handcuffs per the doctor's request, she began punching the officer.

Man treated for seizure during traffic stop, arrested after drugs found

A man having a seizure was being driven to the hospital when a deputy pulled the vehicle over for erratic driving. After paramedics arrived on scene and treated the man, the deputy spotted a pipe with drug residue underneath his seat, and the man was arrested.

Two Ocala residents arrested after drugs found in U-Haul during traffic stop

Two Ocala residents were arrested after drugs were found in a U-Haul during a traffic stop. During a search of the U-Haul, the deputy discovered a glass bulb pipe, digital scale, and three plastic baggies that contained a crystal substance later identified as methamphetamine.

Woman arrested after crashing stolen vehicle in Dunnellon

A woman was arrested after crashing a stolen vehicle in Dunnellon. She did not have a driver's license and admitted to the deputy that she was still learning how to drive.

Ocala man arrested after leaving drug-filled syringe inside patrol car

An Ocala man was arrested after leaving a drug-filled syringe in the back seat of a patrol car. He had just been released after a brief detainment in the patrol car, and as soon as the deputy spotted the syringe, he was placed under arrest.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office asking for help identifying fraud suspect

The Marion County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help in identifying a woman who was photographed while cashing a victim's check for more than $3,000. If anyone has any information on her identity, please call the sheriff's office.

Ocala man flees from deputy in stolen Toyota Camry

A 36-year-old Ocala man was arrested after fleeing from a deputy in a stolen Toyota Camry. When he was detained, he told the deputy that he knows what he did was wrong, but he "wanted to leave Ocala."

Dunnellon man allegedly chokes woman, flattens tires with screwdriver

A Dunnellon man was arrested after allegedly choking a woman, smashing a window, and puncturing her vehicle's tires with a screwdriver after an argument.

Ocala convicted felon arrested after gun found during welfare check

A convicted felon residing in Ocala was arrested after a gun was discovered during a welfare check. In 2016, the man was convicted in North Carolina for attempted first-degree murder, assault on a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, and second-degree kidnapping.

Ocala man allegedly strangles homeless woman with forearm inside tent

An Ocala man was arrested after allegedly using his forearm to strangle a homeless woman inside a tent.

Silver Springs man breaks into occupied motel room

A Silver Springs man was arrested after breaking into an occupied room at the Silver River Inn Motel. The man was looking for "Jennifer," a woman he claimed he was going to be marrying later that day.