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Breaking news and alerts on crime, police reports, and law enforcement press releases in Ocala, FL and Marion County, FL.

Recently released Ocala woman jailed again for driving without license

An Ocala woman who spent a week in jail last month for driving with a suspended license is back behind bars without bond after being caught on the road again.

Ocala man arrested after being caught with marijuana and cocaine

An Ocala man with a dozen prior arrests was charged with drug possession and resisting arrest after being pulled over for speeding.

Ocala Police searching for thief who ripped of vehicle and went shopping

The Ocala Police Department is searching for a thief who burglarized a vehicle earlier this month.

52-year-old Ocala man back in jail after going berserk at The Centers

A 52-year-old Baker Act patient was arrested Thursday after reportedly going berserk and injuring an employee the day after returning to The Centers mental health hospital from the Marion County Jail.

Citra man accused of hitting man in the head with a ball-peen hammer

A Citra man arrested in December on domestic abuse charges went back to jail recently after he allegedly hit another man over the head with a hammer during a dispute over money.

Ocala Police searching for auto burglary bandits caught on surveillance video

Ocala Police officers are searching for bandits believed to be involved in several vehicle burglaries.

Juveniles arrested after handgun fired in nasty scuffle over girlfriends

Two Marion County teenagers were arrested recently after a nasty battle over girlfriends.

Umatilla man behind bars after wild family brawl

A 28-year-old Umatilla man is accused of putting a man in a chokehold and slapping a woman with the back of his hand during a wild family brawl.

Umatilla man charged with punching man outside store

A Umatilla man with a long rap sheet was arrested Tuesday morning after an incident outside the Green Acres Country Store.

Fort McCoy man jailed after vase-throwing rampage

A Fort McCoy man was arrested after he allegedly went on a rampage and threw vases and other items at a woman he says “poisoned” his car and made the engine explode.

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