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Tuesday, June 15, 2021



New crime map enables searches by location, date in Marion County

A new crime map of Marion County will show residents and renters where crimes are committed throughout the county by address.

Ocala man arrested after allegedly threatening to kill victim, dog and burn house down

An Ocala man was arrested after a victim claimed he threatened to kill her and her dog during a verbal argument.

Man refuses to leave Ocala Hilton and threatens officer

An Ocala man was charged with disorderly conduct after refusing to leave the Ocala Hilton near SW 36th Ave.

Elderly woman claimed man deleted home camera footage after fight

An Ocala man was charged with battery after an elderly victim claimed he pushed her in the chest while drunk and deleted camera footage of the incident.

Ocala man charged with strangling woman after she claims physical altercations escalated

An Ocala woman claimed her man friend pushed her and choked her unconscious for nearly ten seconds during an argument.

Ocala man denied ‘Stand Your Ground’ defense in double-homicide

An Ocala man charged with two murders was denied his request to dismiss the case based on the Stand Your Ground defense.

Ocala man arrested during traffic stop after drugs found in eyeglass case

An Ocala man was caught driving with a suspended license and a search of the vehicle revealed drugs.

Ocala man banned from Walmart in 2019 arrested for trespassing

An Ocala man was recently forced to leave Walmart after an employee reported he has a trespass warning dating back to 2019. 

Man arrested after allegedly yanking woman from vehicle during fight

An Ocala man was recently arrested after admitting to pulling a woman out of a vehicle by her wrist and ankle during a physical fight.

Teen arrested with marijuana, LSD during traffic stop

An Ocala teen was initially pulled over for speeding but was later found with drugs during a search of the vehicle.

Ocala woman arrested after throwing bag of food at man

An Ocala woman was charged with domestic battery after victim reported she threw food at him and punched him in the face during an argument.

Ocala man arrested with marijuana purchased from dispensary by friend

An Ocala man was found with THC in his trunk during a traffic stop.

Ocala man arrested for breaking open container law

An Ocala man was recently arrested after being found drinking alcohol in an unapproved public area.

Man tries to contact girl after graduation, harasses, threatens to kill her

An Ocala woman reported a man has been harassing her via telephone after they exchanged numbers following graduation. 

Ocala Man destroys more than $600 worth of construction at baseball field

A 20-year-old Ocala man was charged with burglary after admitting to destroying construction at a baseball field.

Ocala man arrested for stalking woman multiple times in May

An Ocala man was recently arrested after a victim reported he was stalking her multiples times in the month of May.

Victim claims boyfriend attacked her in trailer park bathroom over finances

A victim was found with fresh blood on her mouth and neck after an anonymous caller reported they saw a male choking a female at the Twin Oaks Trailer Park.

Scammers posing as Social Security Administration con Ocala woman out of $2,500

An Ocala woman who reported receiving phone calls from people posing as the Social Security Administration was scammed out of $2,500. 

Ocala teenager shot, killed at Ocala Park Estates

An Ocala teenager was shot and killed at the Ocala Park Estates.

Ocala registered sex offender arrested after destroying items in home

An Ocala man registered as a sex offender was recently arrested after a victim reported him destroying things in her home.

Ocala woman claims man is stalking her at motel

An Ocala woman is hoping police can identify and arrest an unknown man that she says has been stalking her motel room.

Ocala woman arrested on meth trafficking charges

An Ocala woman was charged with drug trafficking after being found with 14 grams of meth during a traffic stop.

Marion County man receives life in prison for internet cafe robbery

A Marion County man will spend the rest of his life behind bars for a 2018 internet cafe robbery.

Ocala woman arrested after admitting on Facebook to hitting friend with pipe

An Ocala woman was recently arrested after admitting on Facebook that she hit her friend with a metal pipe during an argument about the victim watching her children for a few hours.