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Ocala woman nabbed on out-of-state warrant for witness retaliation and stalking

An Ocala woman who is wanted in Utah was jailed in Marion County on Sunday night.

Marion sheriff searching for bandit who tried to buy TV with stolen credit card

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is seeking help in nabbing a thief who tried to use a stolen credit card an Ocala Wal-Mart.

Tiff with lady friend over carpet cleaning leaves weeping Ocala man behind bars

A nasty confrontation over carpet cleaning left an Ocala man in jail early Sunday morning.

23-year-old man charged with strangling guy pal who didn’t pick up bar tab

A 23-year-old Ocala man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly strangled another man during a domestic dispute over an unpaid bar bill.

Gainesville woman jailed after being caught with $323.75 in Target merchandise

A 29-year-old Gainesville woman found herself behind bars early Sunday afternoon after being accused of stealing items from an Ocala store.

Citra pair accused of self-checkout scam at Ocala Wal-Mart

A Citra man and woman were arrested after an alleged self-checkout scam at an Ocala Wal-Mart. Tyler Joseph Taylor, 31, was charged with retail petit...

Stop sign-running Ocala woman caught with heroin and needles

An Ocala woman was arrested on drug charges after she was pulled over for running a stop sign.

Ocala man nabbed after paying 38 cents for Wet N Dry vacuum at Wal-Mart

A 29-year-old Ocala man was arrested Sunday after being accused of stealing merchandise from an Ocala Wal-Mart.

Beer-chugging Micanopy man jailed on DUI charge

A Micanopy man chugged the last of a can of beer and threw it out the window right before being arrested on a drunk-driving charge last week.

Ocala Police Department seeks help in identifying rail yard bandit

The Ocala Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying a thief.

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