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Man tased while being arrested after brawl at Ocala home

A 24-year-old Eustis man had to be tased to keep him from going after a mouthy neighbor while being arrested for his role in a drunken fight in Ocala on Monday night.

Ocala man accused of shaking woman during drunken rage

A 61-year-old Ocala man with a previous battery conviction was arrested Monday for allegedly shaking a woman during an alcohol-fueled spat.

Belleview man jailed after gal pal claims he grabbed her face and dragged her...

A Belleview man was arrested recently after his lady friend claimed he battered her following a gender reveal party where they both had a few drinks.

Pregnant woman jailed after spat with boyfriend at Belleview Cemetery

A 28-year-old pregnant woman was arrested after she allegedly struck a man during an argument at the Belleview Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon.

Ocala man admits he roughed up ailing woman to make her leave

An Ocala man admitted he was the primary aggressor in a physical altercation with a woman he was trying to make leave his house.

Groin-kicking Umatilla woman jailed after nasty spat

A 54-year-old Umatilla woman was arrested last Thursday on a simple battery charge after she allegedly attacked a man and kicked him in the groin.

Citra woman uses knife to reject man’s advance

A Citra woman is accused of slicing a man in the chest with a knife after he demanded she give him cigarettes and oral sex.

Alabama man, Georgia woman caught with drugs in stolen car in Belleview

An Alabama man and Georgia woman are in the Marion County Jail after being pulled over in Belleview while driving a stolen car with methamphetamine in their possession.

Screwdriver-drinking Silver Springs man charged with DUI

A 70-year-old Silver Springs man who said he drank two screwdrivers at an Ocala bar was charged with DUI on Sunday night after failing a series of field-sobriety exercises and refusing to take a breath test.

Juveniles involved in fiery three-vehicle crash tied to multiple burglaries and thefts

Seven juveniles who were injured in a fiery three-vehicle crash on Monday morning have been linked to a string of Ocala burglaries and Marion County thefts.

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