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Reckless-driving Ocala man jailed on DUI charges after crashing trailer

A trailer-pulling 73-year-old Ocala man was arrested recently after concerned citizens reported that he was unable to maintain his lane of travel, had smacked into a trash can and was driving recklessly.

Paddock Mall evacuated after bomb threat called into Ocala Police Department

A bomb threat at the Paddock Mall was called into the Ocala Police Department on Saturday.

Ocala Police searching for vehicle connected to theft in Chewy parking lot

Ocala Police officers are searching for thieves who recently broke into a vehicle at a local business and stole several thousand dollars.

Violent burglary suspects jailed after victim shot while chasing them in Ocala

Three Marion County men are behind bars after being accused of shooting a victim during one of several burglaries.

Brawl over mom’s laptop computer lands 22-year-Ocala woman behind bars

An Ocala woman was arrested recently after her man friend reported being attacked while attempting to take a laptop and leave their residence.

Alcohol-seeking Ocala man jailed after nasty skirmish with gal pal’s mom

An Ocala man was arrested recently after his lady friend claimed he grabbed her while she recorded a confrontation between him and her mother on a cell phone.

One victim taken to local hospital after shooting in Marion Oaks

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting in Ocala.

Former Marion County sheriff’s deputy arrested for making false official statements

A former Marion County sheriff’s deputy was arrested Thursday after being accused of making false statements in official reports.

Licenseless Ocala man nabbed on drug charges after caught running red light

An Ocala man is facing multiple charges after being pulled over by a Marion County sheriff’s deputy for driving through a red light.

Ocala man behind bars after lady friend says he threatened to choke her to death

An Ocala man was arrested recently after his lady friend claimed he was threatening her in regard to dropping charges filed against him in a previous battery case.

Phone-tossing Ocala man jailed after spat over texts with another woman

An Ocala man was arrested for allegedly throwing his cell phone at a woman who confronted him about texting with another woman.

Ocala woman charged a third time with battering elderly woman

An Ocala woman with two prior arrests for battering an elderly woman was arrested again on the same charge after she reportedly struck a woman on the head when she refused to give her money.

Weirsdale man jailed after being accused of trying to rip off scrap metal at recycling center

A 51-year-old man found himself behind bars recently after being accused of trying to steal scrap metal from the Weirsdale Recycling Center.

Ocala woman resists domestic battery arrest

An Ocala woman put up a fight while she was being arrested on a domestic battery charge recently.

Ocklawaha woman nabbed after bloodied guy pal claims golf club attack

An Ocklawaha woman was jailed Sunday after her bloodied man friend told Marion County sheriff’s deputies she smacked him in the face with a golf club.

Pizza-tossing Ocala woman jailed after nasty tiff with man friend over debit card purchase

A jealous pizza-throwing Ocala woman found herself behind bars recently after accusing her man friend of letting another woman make a purchase with his debit card.

Ocala man popped on DUI charge after found asleep behind the wheel on S. Hwy. 441

A 21-year-old Ocala man with slurred speech landed behind bars recently after he was found asleep in the driver’s seat of a pickup truck stopped on a major Marion County roadway.

Ocala Police nab 29-year-old man accused of stealing drone from sheriff’s vehicle

An Ocala man accused of burglarizing an unmarked Marion County sheriff’s vehicle and stealing a drone is behind bars.

Ocala Police officers lauded for saving resident from her burning home

Ocala Police officers are being credited with saving a woman from her burning residence.

Ocala woman jailed after battered child says she told him keep injuries secret

An Ocala woman was jailed recently after a child showed up at an elementary school with multiple visible injuries, one of which was a cut on his neck that he said came from “mommy” accidentally pinching him.

Belleview man popped on drug charges as sheriff’s deputies investigate gunfire

A Belleview man found himself behind bars recently after Marion County sheriff’s deputies responded to his residence to investigate reports of gunfire.

Phone-breaking Ocala man behind bars after nasty skirmish with gal pal

An Ocala man was arrested recently after his lady friend claimed he battered her and smashed her $200 cell phone.

Ocala Police seeking help in nabbing bandit that burglarized two vehicles

The Ocala Police Department is seeking assistance in nabbing a thief who targeted two vehicles in the southeast part of the city recently.

22-year-old Ocala woman jailed in apparent road rage incident

An Ocala woman was jailed recently after being accused of initiating a road rage incident in Marion County.