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Home in Ocala Historic District sells for $3.6 million

A home in the Ocala Historic District that features a car elevator, underground garage, basement, and dog kennel just sold for millions of dollars, joining several other properties that have fetched similar sums in recent months. 

Original Ocala Golf and Country Club sells for over $1.75 million

The former Ocala Golf and Country Club built in 1912 was recently sold for just over $1.75 million.

Waterfront home on Rainbow River sells for $1.2 million

A home that features over 137 feet of water frontage on Rainbow River just sold for $1.2 million. 

Multi-million dollar estate sold in Ocala Historic District

A 5-bedroom, 8-bathroom home situated on over three acres in the heart of the Ocala Historic District has sold for over $3 million. 

Another Ocala resident sues State Farm over Hurricane Ian damage mitigation

Another Ocala couple has sued State Farm Insurance to recover costs that they allegedly incurred from mitigating damage caused during Hurricane Ian. 

The Towns at Laurel Commons erects first buildings

The first buildings have been erected at a new townhome community in southwest Ocala.

New apartment complex taking shape near downtown Ocala

A new apartment complex under construction will bring dozens of additional multi-family units to downtown Ocala when it opens. 

Ocala couple sues developer over ‘improperly installed stucco’ system

An Ocala couple has sued the company that developed their home for allegedly building an "inadequately and improperly installed stucco system."

20-acre farm in northwest Ocala listed for $2.35 million

A 20-acre farm in northwest Ocala was recently listed for sale for $2,350,000, less than a year after it was purchased by a North Carolina-based company.

Ocala named most affordable place to live in Florida by real estate website

A real estate website has ranked Ocala as the most affordable place to live in the state of Florida. 

20-acre horse farm sells for nearly triple 2016 sales price

A 20-acre farm in northwest Ocala sold for over $1 million last month, nearly tripling its previous sales price in 2016.

Remodeled home sells for over four times 2020 sales price

A home in Ocala sold for $1 million after it was remodeled, nearly quintupling its previous sales price in 2020.

Ocala property sells for $325k profit 11 months after last sale

A 6-acre property in Ocala recently sold for more than $1,000,000, making over $300,000 in profits in less than 11 months.

Jumbolair estate sells for $500k profit over 2016 sales price

A 4,179-square-foot estate in Jumbolair sold last month for $500,000 more than its 2016 sales price.

Habitat for Humanity files for foreclosure against another Ocala homeowner

Habitat for Humanity of Marion County has filed for foreclosure against another Ocala homeowner for alleged nonpayment, marking the fourth such case in the past month. 

Ocala couple sues insurance company over hail, wind damage to home

An Ocala couple is suing their insurance company for allegedly not covering the expenses the husband and wife incurred from fixing their home after it was damaged by hail and wind.

Multi-acre estate on Rainbow River sells for $2.2 million

A multi-acre estate with hundreds of feet of frontage along Rainbow River in Dunnellon was sold for $2.2 million last month.

4-acre farm sells for more than double 2021 sales price

A 4-acre farm that last sold in 2021 for $477,500 was just purchased for over $1 million. 

Ocala homeowner sues insurance company over Hurricane Ian damages

An Ocala homeowner has filed a lawsuit against an insurance company, alleging the organization owes him tens of thousands of dollars for expenses he incurred from repairing damage to his home caused by Hurricane Ian.

Ocala horse farm sells for over ten times original sales price

A 25-acre horse farm in northwest Ocala was sold for $3.8 million last month, earning more than 13 times its original sales price in 2001. 

Habitat for Humanity files foreclosures against three Ocala homeowners for alleged nonpayment

Habitat for Humanity of Marion County has filed foreclosure complaints against multiple Ocala residents, accusing them of missing mortgage payments for several months. 

New luxury apartment complex opens in southwest Ocala

A new 320-unit luxury apartment complex has opened its doors in southwest Ocala, joining multiple other complexes that have opened recently, including another 329-unit luxury complex nearby.

329-unit apartment complex opens in Ocala, joining several others

A luxury apartment complex in Ocala celebrated its grand opening in recent weeks, joining several other apartment complexes that have opened this summer.

17.5-acre estate in Bellechase hits market for $2.1 million

A 17.5-acre waterfront estate is on the market for $2.1 million in the Bellechase community on the southern edge of Ocala.