Ocala City Council approves city manager’s highly favorable annual review

Ocala City Manager John Zobler received an outstanding review this past Tuesday that was approved by the City Council.

The evaluation, presented by Human Resources and Risk Management Director Jared Sorenson, rated Zobler in 12 categories on a 3-point scoring system – 1 (Below Expectations), 2 (Meets Expectations) and 3 (Exceeds Expectations). Zobler received an overall score of 2.88, with six of the categories earning perfect scores of 3 and the other six receiving scores of 2.75.

James Williams IV accepts 20-year service award from Ocala City Manager John Zobler
Ocala City Manager John Zobler, left, shown recently presenting an award to Ocala firefighter James Williams IV, received a highly favorable annual review that was presented to members of the City Council this past Tuesday.

The breakdown of the 12 categories and Zobler’s scores were:

Knowledge of Job: 3
Description: Individual is familiar with the requirements of the position and the methods, practices, and equipment to complete the job.

Management of Staff and Consultants: 2.75
Description: Maximizes staff productivity through thoughtful articulation of work requests, schedules, operational methods and assigning of tasks and schedules, conducts and concludes meetings efficiently. Actively encourages and promotes staff development and ownership of duties and responsibilities.

Productivity: 3
Description: Individual effectively uses available working time; plans and prioritizes work; sets and accomplishes goals and completes assignments on schedule.

Interaction with the City Council: 2.75
Description: Demonstrates a positive and trusting relationship with Council Members, both as a group and individually, responds to requests from the council and individual members in a timely fashion, always acts professionally. Makes time to meet with individual council members outside of regular council meetings to educate them about key issues, when necessary.

Interaction with Government and Professional Agencies: 3
Description: Works effectively with policy makers of the federal, state, and local levels, and amicably assists member organizations in solving both regional and community issues, while representing the interests of the city.

Interaction with the Public: 2.75
Description: Creates a positive and professional impression in dealing with the public, including consultants, attorneys, and representatives of citizens groups as well as individual citizens.

Professional Judgment: 2.75
Description: Exercises the ability to correctly decide or choose the best course of action when decisions must be made.

Ethics and Integrity: 3
Description: Conduct is reflective of the ethical standards and integrity expected under the Florida Statutes Code of Ethics for public officers.

Communication Skills: 2.75
Description: Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written expression with staff, City Council, other government agencies or boards, the public, and the press. Issues are dealt with and resolved constructively.

Initiative, Drive and Willingness to Lead: 3
Description: Demonstrates the initiative to lead the city to a greater presence on the regional and state and federal levels. Understands, and when provided the opportunity, influences the development of state and federal regulations affecting the city.

Relationship with Other Appointed Officials: 3
Description: Maintains a spirit of cooperation without compromising objectivity, keeps other appointed officials informed of administrative developments and allows for the integration of strategic planning initiatives to the interests of the city.

Fiscal Management: 2.75
Description: Demonstrates thorough and effective preparation/management of the annual budget and keeps City Council informed regarding financial conditions, issues and opportunities.

The overall comments on Zobler included: “John is a very energetic manager. He leads this City in a great presence. He is well respected among all agencies.” And “Could not ask for more!”