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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Ocala middle school student cited after going berserk in facility’s lobby

A local middle school student was cited by an Ocala Police officer Tuesday after going berserk and throwing her book bag and sweater against a wall.

The school resource officer at Howard Middle School, located at 1655 N.W. 10th Street in Ocala, reported hearing a loud argument and screaming coming from the main lobby area, as well as things being thrown, foul language and screaming from what appeared to be a female student. The officer then saw the student walking away from the school’s dean while swinging her arms, screaming and refusing to “stay calm and relax,” an Ocala Police report states.

Howard Middle School at 1655 N.W. 10th Street in Ocala
A Howard Middle School student was suspended and cited by the school resource officer Tuesday for throwing her belongings against a wall and walking away from the school’s dean after he sent her to the student management office.

Due to the student’s “explosive behavior,” several other teachers came to assist the dean with the student. She attempted to walk between the dean and the wall from the hallway but he kept her from walking away. She then unsuccessfully used her body to try to move the dean and then attempted to go underneath him, the report says.

The dean requested the school resource officer’s assistance as the student continued to get “louder and combative.” The deputy grabbed her shoulders and told her she needed to calm down and had the situation under control a short time later, the report says.

The deputy then viewed video surveillance footage from the school’s lobby and saw the student get up from her chair, throw her personal items against the wall and walk away from the dean. He said he had asked the student to walk to the student management office but she chose to go in the opposite direction, the report says.

The student was suspended from school and issued a juvenile citation from the resource officer. Her mother was called to the school to take custody of her daughter and sign the citation, according to the report.