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Friday, January 7, 2022

Several Ocala residents share thoughts on city’s shopping, dining needs

Several Ocala residents wrote in and shared their thoughts on bringing more shopping and dining options, including a Costco, to the city:

“I have lived in Ocala now for 14 years. I see the growth, only I’m not sure who is benefiting. Ocala is growing by leaps and bounds, but not necessarily the way in which I can see. In order to support the working class, we need to have more businesses here. Ocala is not solely a retirement city. A Costco would provide a competitive choice from Sam’s Club and new jobs for the community. I do agree that we don’t need another BBQ or Dollar Store,” says Ocala resident Michelle Kubis.

“I understand that the people of Ocala don’t want more growth in their town, but for this town to thrive and not become a ghost town, growth is an essential part of Ocala to move forward. I travel to other cities for shopping and dining because Ocala lacks in these areas.
Does Ocala want their citizens spending money in other cities because Ocala doesn’t want to grow and change for the better? Keep Ocala’s money here, not in other cities and stores. Give Ocala shopping and great restaurants. Costco is needed more than another car wash, storage unit, or Dollar Tree,” says Vicki Briggs, Ocala resident.

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